'98 Rik Smits diamond card
95 Overall
  • 97 INS
  • 79 OUT
  • 49 PLY
  • 86 ATH
  • 88 DEF
  • 97 REB

good card

Written by ifeelguilty424

95 diamond rik smits

Bought for: 5,000 MT (nice cheap card)

Strengths: -Rebounding: he is 7 foot 4 so you already know lol

-Post scoring: He is absolutely lethal in the paint, can dunk on 1-2 defenders, great post scorer

-Speed: he is faster then most big man so if ur on a fast break u dont really have to worry about getting blocked

-Mid range: he has an a+ mid range so if ur opponent is throwing double teams on your best players he will be wide open in mid rang (if he is there)

-Defense: AMAZING shot blocker has A+ block, has A perimeter defense so he can guard 1 on 1, post defense you already know he has A+


-3 point shooting: not a suprise he as an F

-Dribbling: he can get it stolen alot which is not surprising cause he is 7 foot 4

-Passing: DO NOT throw long passes with him there is a big chance it is a turnover, he throws the ball to the other team at a bad rate so if u want passing from a big man dont use this card

Recommended Strategy: "drive with your best player get doubled pass to him and score, or throw the ball to him in the paint and let him score cause most big man are under 7 foot 4

Use if: "you need rebounding, post scoring, defense"

Don't use if: "good shooting, passing, ball handling"

Bottom Line: "great card, its nice and cheap, its VERY underrated, if u are poor and dont have money to spend on packs just grind some my team and get this card

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