'95 Michael Jordan opal card
99 Overall
  • 99 INS
  • 99 OUT
  • 99 PLY
  • 99 ATH
  • 99 DEF
  • 99 REB

TTO Review:Huge Disappointment

Written by mottiyos

let me start off by saying that i wanted to get this card so bad and i've grinded for weeks to complete the ULTIMATE and DRAFT collections in order to have enough tokens to get him from the token market. i play only triple threat online so maybe it's a different experience playing unlimited with him. i have many of the top tier players and my best experience was with running GO DURANT, GO KAREEM and GO GARNETT. if you're playing TTO like me then stay away from this card. such a huge disappointment. i've spent hundreds of thousands of MT just to get him and i wish that i could turn back time and get my 1750 tokens back.


  • never had a card who lost more balls than him.
  • Rebounding: can't grab a rebound to save his life.
  • can't spin past defenders in post up, not even against defenders in his size.
  • Stamina: for some reason his stamina gets drained so fast.
  • he missed so many layups under the rim


i am truly so disappointed from this card that it's really hard for me to write something good about it. maybe in 5x5 unlimited he plays better than TTO but from my experience with him i really can't say that this card is doing anything better than other cards. i am guessing that when you play TTO then size and height matter a lot and with 6'6 he is not tough enough to dominate TTO

Use if: you are a die hard BULLS and MJ fan and you already have every single card in the game and you don't have anything better to spend your tokens on.

Don't use if: you're playing TTO or expecting this card to be a game changer

Bottom Line: HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT, GO DURANT, GO MAGIC, GO KLAY are much better and cheaper options than this card

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    Michael Jordan is a really good player and as you can see his stats are all 99 - it's either the card is overrated or you are just that bad that you have to spend real money to get that many tokens, because i would probably guess that you have to earn the tokens just by playing the TTO to get TTO GO Michael Jordan. (The card is not bad, it is a rewards card, it has all 99 stats, and on top of that, he is a SG, and he is also a GO - so i would check a lot of reddit or NBA discords to figure out a way to earn him.)


    for your information, i didn't spend a single dollar to get him. i just grinded tto like crazy and completed the ultimate and draft collections that gave me 1250 tokens. and no, i'm not bad, if i use durant instead of him i win a lot more in tto.


    then use Durant, maybe there's a certain requirement to earn GO MJ - i mean i ain't calling you bad but if you're skilled enough you can get him.


    it's all good, mate. my experience is from playing TTO, if you run MJ then he is too small to get matched up against all the 6'9 and above players. when you get matched up against a lineup that is sabonis, kareem and porzingis then most likely that your jordan will get abused


    u can't diss the GOAT