'07 Kobe Bryant opal card
99 Overall
  • 97 INS
  • 98 OUT
  • 86 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 86 REB

Very Good Card

Written by Just_Dunk_It770

Bought for: 25,000 MT


Kobe is great and dunking and finishing inside. Very good eurostep and hopstep animations. If he is open from anywhere on the court, he will make it. His release seems to have been slightly adjusted on his opals, so the release timing is easier and faster. His leaner and pull up jumpers are also very quick, but he makes them most of the time. His post game can be used against any player that is a guard.


Slightly undersized, so he can only play the one or the two. His post defense isn't good enough to keep up with the likes of Giannis, Magic, or LeBron

Recommended Strategy: Come into the game firing on all cylinders. Kobe is deadly in transition

Other Comments: Great card all around, but there are better cards out there

Use if: You want a cheap knockdown shooter who can create for himself and generate instant offense.

Don't use if: You have better cards

Bottom Line: Great value, pick him up fast in case the market goes up again.

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