'01 Jason Richardson opal card
99 Overall
  • 97 INS
  • 97 OUT
  • 94 PLY
  • 98 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 84 REB

“Budget” Opal Vince

Written by YourMissingPDLeBron

Before I write my review, I want to flex a little bit and say I am on a 24 game unlimited win streak, which led to me getting opal Rudy gay as well.

Of course, I got Jason Richardson for going 12-0. I currently use the card in TTO Exclusively because I don’t have a place for him in my God Squad. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that this wasn’t a Center because that’s the only position I needed, but I can wait until I get the tokens for embiid. If you didn’t go 12-0 yet, there’s no rush because it’s the end of the season and he has no time limit, but I recommend getting him. He isn’t a Must Cop, but he is a fun card to use in TTO. If you want Galaxy Opal Vince Carter but don’t want to save the tokens, get this card.


  • Inside scoring: has a great release and great ratings to hit the midrange, as well as 99 everything when it comes to dunk ratings and tendencies.
  • AND/OR
  • Standing Shot 3pt: 97 - he does have a similar, if not identical jumpshot to Vince Carter so it is an easy release and with a coach that gives a minimum of +2 to the 3 (I use D’Antoni), he has a 99. -Takeover: he has Sharp/Slash and this can be incredibly cheesy.
  • OR written as paragraph.


  • Defense?: sometimes, he lacks defensively even though he has the ratings, but if you are great with on-ball defense, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Use if: You want a card like galaxy opal vince Carter but didn’t want to spend the tokens or simply didn’t have the tokens.

Don't use if: You need excellent defense.

Bottom Line: It’s a free galaxy opal and could fit easily into anyone’s god squad.

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