'03 Arvydas Sabonis pinkdiamond card
98 Overall
  • 94 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 87 PLY
  • 90 ATH
  • 92 DEF
  • 97 REB

Best Value for Tokens

Written by am81

Sabonis has always been a player that intrigues me. When he came to the Trailblazers, he was an oddity. A man who was nearly the size of Shaq but who played a completely different game. He has become one of the leagues best "what if" stories due to not entering the NBA until his health was declining. When he was released as a pink diamond reward, he was my first purchase with 3000+ tokens over all galaxy opal players.

Bought for: 150 tokens


  • Size: At 7'3" and 279lbs , he is one of the tallest and heaviest players in the game which helps a lot.
  • Animations: He has probably the best post fadeaway animation in the game and an excellent shot release as well.
  • Shooting: He has a great release and great stats. With a contested 3 shoe and D'Antoni as coach, he can have 99 in open and contested three rating. He can also have sharp takeover.
  • Passing: He is the tallest player with Hall of Fame dimer and one of only 3 centers (his own diamond card and PD Jokic) that have that badge. This might be the most overlooked part of his game.
  • Playbook: He has odd plays that can confuse an unaware opponent.
  • Pick and Pop: He does a great job of staying outside when asked to pick and pop which helps slashers a lot.


  • Athleticism: He is slow and has poor lateral quickness. However, the size will negate this somewhat.
  • Perimeter defense: He can hold his own for a short time but when isolated in space against a fast player he will struggle.

Recommended Strategy: Pick and Pop, Post Fade, Be gigantic and clog up the paint on defense

Other Comments: Note that he has an unusual selection of plays for a center. He serves as the handler on pick and roll plays and not the screen setter. He also has isolation and guard post up. These plays are more common for PGs like Magic Johnson or Oscar Robertson. However, it allows him to set up others with his excellent passing.

Use if: You want a center who can space the floor and is also effective inside. You want to try PG plays with a center.

Don't use if: You value speed above all else.

Bottom Line: For 150 tokens, he has great value. With a decent coach, he will hit 99 overall easily. In my opinion, he is the best value for tokens in the game. Morris Peterson and Eddie Jones are cheaper and also great values. Gerald Wallace is another great value. However, they will not make the impact that Sabonis can and do not represent anything that unique. It is easy to get 3 and D players from the market. On the other hand, 7'3" space creating centers with HoF dimer are not common.

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