'02 Mitch Richmond diamond card
95 Overall
  • 89 INS
  • 95 OUT
  • 81 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 83 DEF
  • 62 REB


Written by foxygrandpa

Frustrated with my team, I sold most of my players to try and get an absolute bucket thinking i almost had to get diamond klay, but then this card came out. Love Mitch the glitch , he looked similar to klay, and he was relatively cheap for what i was looking for. I didnt realize the type of card I was getting. His ruby reward was great, but this card is a one of a kind bucket getter.

Bought for: 167,000 MT (SOOOOO worth it, get before price shoots up)


  • Shooting: This is what blows me away with this card, his jumper is so good. Super easy to green and can hit from anywhere. Literally anywhere. He doesnt have hall of fame shooting badges, but ive shot deep threes with him Id only consider taking with a diamond klay or diamond steph and he greens them, with a perimiter coach hes stats get up to a 98
  • Off dribble: Pullups are smooth, mid range is wet, just doesnt miss often
  • Dribbling: Nothing too crazy animations wise but more than good enough to get the space you need -Finishing: Can put some bigs on posters but finishes more frequently with layups, almost always goes in


  • Rebounding: Like any other 6'5 shooting gaurd
  • Would not recommend as primary ball handler: amazing catch and shoot, certainly can run an offense but not as quick as some point guards

Recommended Strategy: score at will

Other Comments: (optional) Some other guards Ive played with were diamond iggy, brandon roy, oscar...Mitch the Glitch is way better than any of them Use if: You want a scoring god

Don't use if: you dont like playing with god cards

Bottom Line: Great value for money, basically diamond klay that can score is other ways for half the price, guarantee people will catch on and increase his value so get him while hes relatively affordable

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