Jimmy Butler amethyst card
91 Overall
  • 77 INS
  • 80 OUT
  • 72 PLY
  • 84 ATH
  • 92 DEF
  • 74 REB

Best Butler all year

Written by MattP31

This may be the best Jimmy Buckets card all year no matter what else may come out. He’s an amy but that 95 defense can more than play any diamond and plays against PD’s considering his size too.

You may never find a better Jimmy card from 3, and hes a real weapon back there with 91/92 ratings on all the 3 point categories plus a collection of all the gold 3 pt badges. Midrange is very weakly rated here but in the small handful I’ve shot with him he converts as if the rating was higher- but I don’t shoot midrange often so this is a very small sample. However his driving ability is every bit as good as you’d hope and I actually like it way more than his ruby after I got the ball control up to an 89.

Bought for: 46,000 MT


  • Typical Jimmy Buckets defense
  • Crazy 3 ball numbers and badges
  • 86+ ball control for me with cheap 5k diamond shoe and balanced coach
  • Can score as an iso player too
  • Very good size for SG, and big enough to easily play SF
  • Draws fouls and hits his FTs


  • Weak midrange for a Butler card
  • Ball control under 86 without both coach and shoe

Recommended Strategy: Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, pull-up 3, 3 and D, lockdown defender against diamond and below and solid defender against PDs

Use if: You like to shoot 3’s

Don't use if: You have all PD’s

Bottom Line: Best Butler coming this year and a guy whose offense plays up above the rating if you get him 86+ ball control

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    Do you play on ps4? I'm wondering for the shoe because I think prices vary between consoles and would definitely get the shoe if i got this card


    Yes. I got the Air Jordan III for like 5200. It’s definitely a weaker shoe but it’s got ball control +5 which is all I wanted it for. Little bonus is it helped the midrange a bit


    Thanks. That’s definitely a joint purchase. By the way awesome review, definitely convinced me to go for him


    Hope you enjoy him as much as I do. It almost feels like he’s a diamond...to the point I’m about to sell diamond Kobe(well that and knowing I’ll get another better Kobe soon enough).


    DAMN. Kobe. I need to get my ass on 2K and pick him up


    He’s good but he’s expensive and not elite plus the price will drop when more come out. I’m selling Kobe to roll with diamonds Richmond and Klay, this Butler, Granger, and PD Hill on the wings.

    Kobe is a little better than Butler but I prefer Hill, Richmond, Granger as my playmakers and after that I just need some shooting which I get from Butler plus Kobe has more value.

    I’d be selling my diamond LeBron too(the first one, good from 3) if he didn’t give me a PF capable of handling and shooting for my ultimate mismatch lineup with Iverson, Grant Hill, Granger, LBJ, and Magic. All can handle or shoot


    Lmao I meant pick up butler not Kobe. I said that because if he’s better than the Kobe I needed to get him ASAP. I got last night for like 28k