DeAndre Jordan sapphire card
85 Overall
  • 71 INS
  • 32 OUT
  • 29 PLY
  • 81 ATH
  • 82 DEF
  • 89 REB

Deandre 'Michael' Jordan

Written by LOKxICE

This review is pretty pointless, since Jordan is an obsolete card to this point.

But anyway, Deandre Jordan in real life has been a consistent 10/10 guy in the recent years. On 2k, he's always had a solid skillset for a pure center, which is dunk the ball, make layups, block shots and grab boards. He does all these things extremely well for a slightly undersized big man at 6'11.


Inside Scoring: Obviously, Deandre can dunk the ball, really well. He can also move pretty well on the low block, when catching the ball a little outside of the paint, a pump fake and quick side step almost always leads to an easy dunk. As for his layups, he rarely misses from 3 feet, they're very generic two-handed strong layups that he typically has to force through. His dunks on the other hand, are powerful and frequent, Jordan typically glides through the air for an easy 2, off a rebound, or just straight up. He plays much like a miniature Shaq (controversy), rarely getting stopped even by the likes of Joel Embiid.

Rebounding: This guy does not give anything up on the defensive end, and will frequently fight for offensive boards on the other end. The only issue with this is his lack of passing which limits his outlet passing ability. Otherwise, this card is all around great when securing the ball, as well as creating second chance opportunities.

Post Defense: Jordan is also a great defender down low. He can hold his own against just about any center, regardless of height, due to his 88 strength and 83 vertical. These two stats allow him to body up, and leap high enough to swat shots down to the Earth like a damn meteor. Also, he has a 83 block rating with a 99 shot contest tendency and a 59 block shot, which leads to about 1/2 guaranteed blocks a game (if the PF/C facing him is shooting). Otherwise, his perimeter defense isn't ass, but it's serviceable, albeit not worth noting in its own category.

Offensive Tendencies: In conjunction with his inside scoring, DJ has some great tendencies. With a 99 driving dunk, 80 standing dunk, and 100 alley oop, this card is bound to put an opposing defender on a poster at least 2-3 times a game (watch out Brandon).


Shooting: What did you expect?

Free Throw: Again, what would you expect? While he's shooting great from the line this season, the cards based on the previous year.

Outlet Passing: Like most pure centers, assists aren't their forte. DJ is no exception, as any pass from mid-court is challenging for him. He doesn't have a problem in half-court passing, but don't expect football tosses to connect more then 20% of the time.

Overall, this card is a damn delight to use, and a great substitute if you're a DJ fan, and can't quite get the Amy version yet (which I kind of want). But aside from that, this card plays far better than an 85, and probably clocks in more around an 89-90 in ability. If you're a new player, or you're just collecting top-tier sapphires, then this guy is a great snag.

*** This review isn't very pivotal, or meaningful, but if you liked it follow for more! Also check out my various others under Andre Iguodala, Tom Chambers, Dwyane Wade, Tracy McGrady, or Kyle Lowry! Leave any comments telling me if I missed something or what not, thanks for reading!

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    Pointless DJ Review! But this offers justification for his placement on my top budget beast lineup


    There is an amythest so I assume that this goes for that card as well. Not necessarily obsolete, just not for everyone at this stage.


    I was considering getting the amethyst, but the stat gap isn't enough to warrant a big shift in talent. I'd recommend this card for a lot of budget lineups, but not really any serious ones, which is why I said obsolete. Thanks for reading btw!