'98 Clyde Drexler diamond card
95 Overall
  • 92 INS
  • 86 OUT
  • 78 PLY
  • 90 ATH
  • 88 DEF
  • 69 REB

Clyde Drexler: Houston Beast

Written by Valentine28

Clyde Drexler 1 time NBA champion and he is on the list of the: 50 Greatest Players in NBA History One of my favourite retro players.

What i was expected when i bought this card? mid range shots, when he is open he need to knock down at least 6 trees out of 10 shot, athletic moves layups, and more athletic dunks.

I gave him gold limitless range, deep range, and corner specialist.

Bought for: 100,000 MT


SHOOTING: I knew that when i saw this card, he got a really smooth and fast realese with 93 open and 89 off dribble shot mid, when he is open he will knock that that 2 pointer + he got hot zones everywhere inside the tree point line. 83 free throw, usually cash.

INSIDE SCORING: 94 standing,driving layup 95 driving, 90 contact dunk, when the enemy team got 1 or 2 player at the paint he will finish that attack with some athletic moves or just dunk all over the defender, but if the whole team is ther dont expect him to finish that shot. Euro and hop step is really helpful when you attacking the rim.

SPEED: For a shooting guard he is really fast, not fast like Allen Iverson but he is 6'7 and he can run like Usain Bolt down the floor. His speed with ball is an 83 so thats not the best when you are doing fastbreaks

PLAYMAKING: He is a shooting guard from the oldschool NBA, he is not like James Harden, you will not brake anyone with him, and you will never do any flashy dribble moves, he cant even speedboost, He is the type of guy, when you call for a screen, do a little crossover or spin move or behind the back and attack the rim.

DEFENSE: He got really good defensive stats 86 Lateral quickness 91 Pick & roll defense IQ, 91 Shot contest, his block and steals are not the best so dont do them, he will usually foul his matchup.

Weaknesses: 3 POINTER: The 3 pointer i know he got an 80 tree so he is not that good from outside, but with my coach he got 84 open shot 3, and I miss a lot of shots with him i dont know why, if I miss a lightly contested shot i can accept that but a lot of open shots, and my point guard got gold dimer so that should help him too. Of course when he is wide open and you got almost a green realese he can knock that down but, I dont wanna say that this is his strenght.

POST MOVES: He is not even close to Jordan or Kobe in the post but he is a shooting guard in my opinion he dont need post moves for scoring.

REBOUNDING: Not the worst rebounding stats you ever saw, but i say it again he is a shooting guard thats not his thing to do.

Recommended Strategy: Call for screens, Iso and driving to the rim, off dribble mid range shots.

Use if: You want an athletic all around shooting guard, who can knock down mid range shots and dunks easily.

Don't use if: You need a sharpshooter or playmaking shooting guard like Harden.

Bottom Line: I usually get players who I like in real life, when they drop the Trail Blazers Clyde I will sell this Rockets one. I say it now, at the end of the year probably he will get a dynamic duo with Hakeem Olajuwon so his price will get higher when they drop that duo.

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