'05 Manu Ginobili pinkdiamond card
97 Overall
  • 88 INS
  • 95 OUT
  • 93 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 87 DEF
  • 67 REB

Get his release right !

Written by chechezze11

So I grinded in the last days of November to get myself that Pink Diamond Manu and it's an amazing card. The following points will help you but the most important one is LEARN HIS RELEASE, it's a it unusual, there is something to it that will allow you to time it perfectly. Once he gets the ball over his shoulder you have to find the perfect time to get the ball off his hand. Have a good read

Bought for: Going 12-0 in MTU


  • Dribbling/Animations: this is the most fun I've had with a card in a while (probably since Diamond Jamal Crawford in 2k16), his animations are crazy if you learn to master them and get freaky with him. Take some risks, navigate through the defense and try some new stuff

  • Going at the rim: To do that, it's important that you space the floor, but Manu can finish with a good layup animation (hold down R3/RS) and he'll take a euro-step that you can time perfectly

  • Shooting off-screens: This is how I use it, I put him at SG and give him the ball as my main ball-handler, call for pick&roll and REALLY use your big man as a wall, once you find the open spot just run to it and take an off-dribble shot, don't be afraid to fade, he's straight fire.

  • Shooting: Obviously a strength when you see the stats !

  • Defense: He can basically guard the PG and SG position, the SF is a bit trickier depending on who you got in front of you, I wouldn't call it a mismatch but against some lengthy players like Durant or some bullies like LeBron it's more difficult.


  • Rebounding: I mean who cares that much about a SG that doesn't get many rebounds ? He'll still catch 2/3 boards a game though

Recommended Strategy: Space the floor, give him some room, have fun with the animations, don't go full iso, it's too predictable. Fade off the screens and shoot when he's open.

Use if: You want to have fun with the game, 2K is hard and really obnoxious at times, so if from times to times we can get a fun player like that, just go ahead

Don't use if: You don't have him :)

Bottom Line: I miss Manu on the court this year, and it's with a lot of nostalgia that I use him. Hope you enjoy retirement Manu :)

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