D'Angelo Russell sapphire card
86 Overall
  • 79 INS
  • 81 OUT
  • 84 PLY
  • 86 ATH
  • 77 DEF
  • 61 REB


Written by LOKxICE

This is late, but better late than never.

D'Angelo Russell has had a tumultuous career, but 2k doesn't care about that. 2K made this 6'5 guard have Curry range, with a PG handle, pretty much this card may be the best offensive sapphire point guard. I would say in total simply for his scoring when he's hot, but T-Mac still takes the edge as a more all-around player.


Outside Scoring: His three is absolutely filthy, and he can turn it on almost like a light switch. Meaning, that if he's getting looks keep shooting, but if he's not be a little passive until he's got a look. Anyways, I noted early that D-Lo has Curry range, and he sure does. Pulling up from 30 isn't the best scheme, but it can go in at a surprising clip from so deep (when open, don't be a dunce and think step backs will work). Aside from that, Russell is best as an on-ball scorer, meaning take the ball up with him. Off-ball limits him a little bit since he doesn't have the speed to turn corners, and evade defenders every play. When taking it up with him and simple pick, and behind the back side step usually opens up a window to score.

Takeover: As expected, his takeover is sharpshooter, so his already immense 93 all-around 3pt ratings, go up even more (by 5, I believe), as well with a perimeter centric, or seven seconds coach, his shooting gets even more fuego.

Badges: Simple yet effective, D-Lo has 3 badges, and their the best possible for his archetype. With deep-range deadeye D-Lo can convert on more contested shots, limitless gives him his Curry range. While catch-n-shoot isn't really the best for him, if playing him off-ball or at SG then it helps D-Lo out since he can't move much otherwise.

Jump Shot: As a personal preference, I like medium speed/high pop releases. D'Angelo has just that, with a nice jump base, and a good lefty shot, he can bang 3s from just about anywhere on the court. I find him struggling most in the corners, and converting the most down the middle. Although, there isn't much difference between the wings and the middle efficiency-wise, I felt that he shot a bit better over opponents and such in that region.

Height: As a PG D-Lo is slightly larger than normal standing at 6'5, this gives him an advantage match-up wise when players attempt shot contests. Normally he'll make his shots over guards that are 6'1 and below, while getting fairly disturbed with more average sized ones.

Dribbling: No doubt D-Lo came into the league with high expectations as an ankle breaker, and has kept true to this belief to present day. He has quick handles, reminiscent of Paul George, able to flip the ball side to side without losing grip, or slowing down. This especially helps in pick-n-roll situations and allows him to pull him off the dribble a little better than most.


Defense: Never being a perimeter defender helped create Russell's bonafide scoring game, but on 2k it kinda sucks he can't play defense. Frequently, D-Lo is left in the dust, or confused on pick-n-roll and low post situations. If this guy is switched onto someone down low, then it's an easy bucket. His stats aren't too bad for on-ball defense, but don't leave this guy unattended for too long, he's STOOPIDer than 6ix9ine at times.

Free Throw: Russell's free throw falls at a 50, which is atrocious for a guard with a 93 3. His animation isn't terrible, and has a solid mechanic to it allowing more than 50% to go through, but still he clanks far too much for a point guard.

Athleticism: Although an 86 isn't terrible, Russell's competition is almost always going to be faster than him. You can speed boost, and is recommended if running him at the 1, but this is one reason I prefer him as a SG, albeit making him play off-ball. Due to a lack of speed the only time he's really going to get to his spot without hassle is offline, during weekly challenges or domination. Playing him at the 2 makes him slightly smaller, but just about as quick, if not quicker. This sacrifices his touches, but can cover up one of his flew offensive blemishes.

Tendencies: Russell isn't known as a dunker, so he lacks dunking tendencies. He also lacks defensive ones, thereby making his steal stat obsolete due to a mediocre 55 on-ball steal. His pass perception isn't too bad, but that usually causes him to over-commit, and as a poor defender he'll rarely intercept the pass.

Overall, this card is damn great on offense, and can play as well as a ruby/amethyst PURELY as a sharp shooter. Aside from that, expect decent rebounding and passing with decent athleticism to boot. Defense is the only primary concern for this card, and his inept ability to shoot from the charity stripe. I recommend playing him as a SG due to his lack of speed, if running a SF as a primary than playing him at 1 and allowing a larger 2 to come in also works, but don't expect a speed demon out of this guy.

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