'88 Clark Kellogg emerald card
83 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 79 OUT
  • 65 PLY
  • 72 ATH
  • 78 DEF
  • 86 REB

Special K

Written by LOKxICE

Absolute beast, and heavily slept on. Super annoying 2k commentator though, always acting like him and Greg Anthony were top 50 players.

I put this card in with low expectations, hoping just for an average height guy that can be more mobile than David West, but still drop some mid-range shots in. What I got was that and then some, with a great shot animation this guy could pop off from 3, mid-range and on fadeaways.


Inside Scoring: Clark is an absolute tank in the paint, capable of hitting turn around jumpers, and baby hooks. Since he can both exceedingly well, its easy to fake out a CPU and go for an up-n-under dream shake type move. As well, hitting those tough lay-ins isn't a problem for this behemoth as he plays far taller than listed.

Outside Scoring: This does not mean go shoot 10 3s with Clark every game, it means that he has the capability to score from around the arc. Clark's most dominant position is the right/left mid-range wing, where can snag you some greens with ease off of picks, or simply by finding him just standing there as he usually gravitates there throughout play. You can also find Clark sitting on the corner/wings of the arc. I would recommend attempting the shot if open, but not from the middle, as far as I can tell Kellogg does better in that 21-23 foot range hugging the line/standing in the corner.

Rebounding: This isn't his super strong suite, but his decent athleticism (for an old school PF) allows him to grab some defensive, and offensive boards a like. As well, his play-making isn't complete ass so he can hit outlet passes atleast ~75% of the time.

Consistency: Kellogg is a very simple player, he'll make the same shot over and over again, and won't really miss unless of course he's suddenly defended. If you feel heavily committed to Kellogg, I'd recommend adding a mid-range deadeye to him so slight defense still can't knock him off rhythm.

Jump Shot: Despite being a traditional big, his shot is very guard-like. He shoots with the ball above his head palm under, and the right arm flicking it up to a nice arc. With a slight pop to the base, it's almost natural to green release it on a nice look. His contested shot isn't much different, except he leans off to the left a little bit which causes a swing in the shot usually leading to a bank, or a spin out.

Defensive Tendencies: He's got very well rounded defensive tendencies with a 70 on-ball steal, and block shot, adding a 68 shot contest, and 50 pass interception to round out a DPOY's tendencies (on MyGM). His stats don't really show any expertise in either category but Kellogg can net you atleast 1 of each almost on a nightly basis.


Jack of All Trades: Honestly, for an 81 Kellogg does everything well. The only issue with that is that he doesn't really excel in anything to the point that it's his trademark. He can net a consistent 8-10 ppg (_if needed) or a consistent 5-6 rpg (if needed), but he won't be a breakout guy dropping 30 points and 17 rebounds on a whim (unless he's all you use for everything). Despite this, he also has some claims of mediocrity, but not enough to truly tarnish the card. For example, he's not a great dribbler (clearly), but he can still move the ball around. He's not a speedster, but he can keep up with some PFs, and most Cs.

Overall, this card is heavily slept on and is most definitely one of the best emeralds in the game. If he's still going for anything then I'd consider scooping him up, even just for the collection, as he adds a nice piece to any budget/new lineup.

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