'08 Jamario Moon emerald card
81 Overall
  • 73 INS
  • 78 OUT
  • 56 PLY
  • 82 ATH
  • 68 DEF
  • 42 REB

Shoot the Moon

Written by LOKxICE

This Flight School collection is full of gems.

This card isn't quite as spectacular as anyone else, but he does do things well enough to warrant a review on it. Moon was more known as a high energy bench player, able to jump out of the gym, and throw down some mean dunks. Unfortunately, on 2K his speed and ability to iso is just not there, and a Jam (see what I did?) isn't going to happen very often. He's still a solid player in certain areas, and mediocre elsewhere.


Outside Scoring: Jamario Moon's only relevant asset is his 84 open shot 3, which is pretty much an 84 in game, no better, no worse. He'll hit you some open shots, and he'll miss some too. The only issue is the lack of looks he acquires due to his weak all-around offensive game, and unwillingness to cut off-ball. If open in the corner, though, Moon will make it with ease.

Jump Shot: My bold opinion for this review is that Moon has one of the best releases in game. He jumps high as hell, and lets the ball go high as well. It's almost impossible to actually stuff his shot, but that's not required as he'll usually rattle it out on defensive pressure. Aside from that, his pullup is miraculous too as he takes a MJ leap, leans off to the side a bit and lets the ball rip. This shot's more of a hail mary, but the height he offers gives the meter a slow enough speed to green it with consistency.

Dunking animations: You won't frequently dunk with the guy, but he can still catch lobs. Moon typically keeps it clean and throws down tomahawks, and one-handers. It's not flashy or as death defying as his card art shows, but its effective and won't get blocked unless you really get shit on by Mark Eaton or someone huge.


Defense: Plain and simple, Moon doesn't lock up at all. He is more of a rag doll on defense, but can still run the break and get an occasional steal, or force a miss. He has great tendencies, but since his ratings are such crap, and his effort isn't there, the tendencies really only give you a steal/block every blue Moon (I did it again).

Rebounding: This dude sucks ass at rebounding. I mean you could roll a ball to him and he'd probably let it slide by, don't rely on him getting you any boards besides long, defensive ones or uncontested offensive ones (those are usually followed by a putback dunk/layup/miss).

Play-making: Again, he sucks at dribbling/passing. He can make passes happen in the half court as long as a player isn't on the opposite side, but don't expect drive-n-kick out of him. Flashy passes and alley oops are a no-no as well. One of the worst aspects of this guy also is his sloppy, slow handle. Iso isn't Moon's thing, as his behind-the-back causes him to stumble, and swing the ball out a little too far, and with exact timing it's a rip 10/10 times. His crossover is also pretty slow, but can do work on mismatched defenders (such as a PF/C coming up to guard). Also his low ball control hinders his speed when trying to score, taking him down from an 84 to like a 48.

Overall, if you want a reliable catch-n-shoot option, this is your guy. But purely if you want catch-n-shoot, he won't play defense, or pass very well. Rebounding is kind of a foot note as SFs usually don't hit the glass, but if you wanted to go small ball with him, don't. I recommend tacking him onto weekly challenge squads, as the pro difficulty lets him eat a bit more. Keep him out of semi-serious to serious lineups.

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