'11 Shaquille O'Neal diamond card
95 Overall
  • 91 INS
  • 46 OUT
  • 55 PLY
  • 89 ATH
  • 92 DEF
  • 93 REB

94 Overall Diamond Shaq Review

Written by ReviewsForThePeople

Good morning everybody. This is ReviewsForThePeople and I'm finally back with another NBA 2K19 MyTeam review. It has been too long, but I am back and I am ready to be consistent with my reviews. I felt like if I had to get a review out there, it would have to be for a card that is at its highest price because it just came out because you guys deserve it. So, we now have a review for the 94 overall diamond Shaquille O' Neal in NBA 2K19 MyTeam. I have played about 3 games of MyTeam Unlimited and 3 games of Triple Threat online with this card and I am going to tell you right now that he's undoubtedly a great card, but please save your money because he probably isn't the center for you. However, I highly recommend using a Shaquille O' Neal card for offline games such as domination or schedule challenges because he will dominate his matchup, especially if you run him out of position, but that's probably as useful as he gets and I am going to tell you why.

Bought for: 133,000 MT PS4 (Recommended Price: 40-50k MT)


  • Rebounding: I know what you're thinking. He only has an 83 rating for his overall rebounding, so how is his strength getting boards? It's obviously because he's huge and he has a 95 vertical. The 98 Shaq of NBA 2K18 had a 75 vertical, while this one has a 95. He actually jumps to get his rebounds and he gets a ton of offensive rebounds.

  • Post Spin Leading to Contact Dunk: When I tell you his 95 post control is OP, trust me, it is OP. Along with that 99 strength, he powers his way to the basket, despite getting the below decent animations. He actually has a tendency of dunking the ball under the basket more than laying it up. He has thrown up a couple of stupid layups here and there, but overall, if he has deep post position, he is putting you under him for a contact dunk. With that hall of fame bruiser badge, he definitely makes it work.

  • Lockdown Post Defense: He is an absolute tank when it comes to playing post defense. There is no center in the game that can back him down at this moment of time and it is very difficult to get a shot over him, with that 93 block and 98 shot contest.

  • Driving Contact Dunks: I was really surprised when I was playing with this card because he has driving contact dunk animations that can put you on the floor. He has a 95 driving dunk with a 98 contact dunk and 100 dunk tendencies. I'm surprised he only has gold posterizer, but believe me, at times, it feels like it's at hall of fame.


  • Speed: I know what you're thinking on this one too. He has 82 speed and for a Shaq card, that is extremely quick. In game, it feels more like 65-70 speed on the contrary. He especially feels extremely slow when getting back on defense with only 70 lateral quickness. This stat is most definitely a lie and my gameplay proves it.

  • No Shooting: I know Shaq can't shoot and everyone that picks him up already knows that, but you are basically asking to get offballed in MyTeam Unlimited and Triple Threat Online. I was going up against pink diamond Dikembe Mutombo and I couldn't get a single animation with Shaq down low. This is the specific reason of why I advise you not to purchase this card.

  • Free Throw: Again, we all know Shaq can't shoot free throws, but this card with its 53 free throw definitely proves that. Especially when releases this year are skill-based, you are rarely going to make a free throw with Shaq. Again, another big red flag for this card as well. He does draw a lot of fouls, especially if you are feeding him down low and I know my success rate at the free throw line is minimal, so yours will probably be minimal as well.

Recommended Strategy: "Call for pick and rolls (hall of fame brick wall) and try lobbing the ball up to him, drop step in the paint for deep post position, manually back down your opponent (99 strength), try not to run an offense through his post game"

Alternative Player: If you are indeed looking for a Shaq-type card that is extremely cheaper with a similar playstyle, I would recommend picking up the 89 overall ruby Darryl Dawkins for less than 1k or if you want to get a bit more expensive, I would recommend the 92 overall amethyst Deandre Jordan for around 10-15k MT.

Use if: "You want a low-post scoring animal with insane post defense and amazing dunking stats"

Don't use if: "You simply need a center that can stretch the floor and shoot at the free throw line"

Bottom Line: "I think that what I paid for him is absurd and I would probably wait until this card is half of his current price to pick him up. Even then, I would still have to consider picking up the card because he simply is not useful in this year's MyTeam mode and as I mentioned, you can pick up an 89 overall ruby Darryl Dawkins for under 1k MT and he has a similar playstyle to this card. The same applies to the 92 overall amethyst Deandre Jordan for under 15k MT. If you have enough MT to invest in a card like this, save it and please invest in a center that can stretch the floor, unless Shaq fits into your playstyle. I hope I have given an honest, thorough review for all my followers and I hope I have given you enough information to make the proper decision on whether or not to pick this card up."

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this review. I know I have taken a very long break, but I am back and I am ready to make more reviews for you guys everyday. If you liked the quality of this review, please leave a like on the review for me and in the comment section, feel free to give me some feedback on my review and leave the names of cards that you guys want me to review. Thank you again. This is ReviewsForThePeople and I am signing out.

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