'94 Hakeem Olajuwon ruby card
89 Overall
  • 88 INS
  • 70 OUT
  • 52 PLY
  • 81 ATH
  • 80 DEF
  • 87 REB

89 OVR Hakeem Olajuwon Review

Written by ReviewsForThePeople

What's good everybody. It's ReviewsForThePeople and today, I am going to be reviewing the 89 overall ruby Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon. Now, for everyone that doesn't know this, Hakeem is actually my bench center at the moment. That is because I do have the diamond Marcus Camby starting over him. Otherwise, I would most definitely use Hakeem as my starting center. He has proved to be a dominant asset on the court and this is only a base Hakeem card in this year's MyTeam. You will think that I am reviewing a diamond or even pink diamond Hakeem Olajuwon after you see what I put down for his strengths, but believe it or not, this is only the first Hakeem Olajuwon card this year. Imagine when we actually get a diamond or pink diamond Hakeem Olajuwon, maybe even a Galaxy Opal. Anyways, as always, my reviews are solely based on gameplay experience in Triple Threat Online and MyTeam Unlimited and I try to keep all my reviews as legitimate as possible for the people. Hope you enjoy!

Bought for: 12,000 MT (Recommended Price: 8.5-10k)


  • Post Scoring: Guys, do I really have to go over this? Do I have to sit here and explain how good Hakeem is in the post? Well, for the sake of the review, I guess I have to, don't I? So far, Hakeem has proven to be as good, if not better than my diamond Marcus Camby in the post. He has an 86 post hook, 89 post fade, and a whopping 93 post control. This is overpowered for a ruby startup center. In my experience, he unfortunately lucks out with the fades sometimes, but his post hook is usually consistent when open and his post spins are extremely efficient and deadly. He also has 85 strength, which has proven to be useful because he backs down his matchup easily. He also has an 85 standing dunk and 88 standing layup. He usually lays it up most of the time and he will probably make at least 5 of those layups. If not, he will either dunk the ball or draw a foul. Just know that he lays the ball up more often than not and he does sometimes miss, due to the contest of course.

  • Mid-Range Shooting: Hakeem has proven to be extremely consistent from mid for me. He has an 85 open shot mid and an 80 contested shot mid. Please disregard the contested shot mid because you definitely don't want to be taking contested shots with Hakeem like that. He makes probably 8 out of 10 midranges that he shoots and currently, he shoots 68% from the field. I have never taken a three with him and I have taken only midranges and post shots.

  • Clamping in the Post: Guys, believe me, please do not pay attention to his rather poor defensive stats. When it comes to preventing a score in the post, Hakeem is the one you want in the paint. I wouldn't recommend reaching at all with him, but I definitely recommend this card for playing amazing defense in the post. Despite having a block rating and a shot contest in the 70s, he has proven to be amazing at contesting post shots. He contests more than he blocks shots. He is also surprisingly quick when guarding the perimeter on somebody like ruby Kristaps Porzingis.

  • Offensive Rebounding: I think his rebounding, in general, is very efficient, but his offensive rebounds stand out. Keep in mind that he has extremely high rebounding and boxout stats, but he also has an insane vertical rating of an 85. For me, he tends to break boxout more often than not and he will probably have good positioning in the paint to rebound 6 out of 10 times at least. He is very aggressive when he rebounds the ball as well.

  • Post Scoring with Takeover: I feel like I should have put this under the post scoring strength, but his post scoring with his takeover badge is on a whole other level. Hakeem has blown my mind and has actually put me in disbelief when he uses his post arsenal with his takeover badge. This includes absolutely pushing people out of the way on post spins, KNOCKING PEOPLE OVER when doing a dropstep, and even elbowing his matchup for an easy 2 points down low.


  • Three-Point Shooting: Not even going into depth with this. Anybody that has or wants this Hakeem card should know that he will not be making threes at all.

  • Ball Control: Yes, I know Hakeem is a center and I expected his ball control to be low, but he just seems to turn the ball over a little bit too much. Yes, I lose the ball when I run down the court with him, but he also sometimes gets stripped when going up in the post. Not to mention that he gets stripped by not so good defenders.

  • Stealing the Ball: I expected him to be able to because after all, he was Defensive Player of the Year for a reason at one point in his career. Unfortunately, he really isn't capable of stealing the ball. He does have an immensely low steal rating of 65, so be aware of this because he does tend to commit an abundant amount of reach-in fouls for me.

How To Use Him: I would suggest manually setting up post-up position with Hakeem because he has proven to be dominant and aggressive in the post. Again, he does have extremely high ratings, such as post control, so definitely utilize his post-spin. You can even call for pick and pops for his midrange and he tends to hit them as well.

Alternative Player: I would recommend that if you want a player with a similar playstyle, pick up the 89 overall ruby Bryant Reeves. He has a similar post game and he is half of Hakeem's price, which is 6-6.5k to be exact.

Use if: "You want a post-scoring rebounder that can absolutely dominate in the post and play amazing post defense"

Don't use if: "You need a stretch four or a stretch five. Also, don't use if you need somebody a little more on the athletic side of things"

Bottom Line: "I definitely don't regret spending 12,000 MT on this card because he lived up to his name and the hype, so he will be staying on my team for a relatively long time. I personally don't think that he will be an asset when new and better rubies and amethysts come out, but for the time being, he is worth copping."

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on the 89 overall ruby Hakeem Olajuwon. I hope that this review will help you make the ultimate decision on whether or not to purchase this card. If you enjoyed the review, please make sure to leave a like and if you would like to see more consistent, high-quality reviews, make sure to follow me as well. Again, thank you for reading my review. I am ReviewsForThePeople and I am signing out. Have a great rest of your day!

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