Deandre Ayton ruby card
89 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 79 OUT
  • 57 PLY
  • 81 ATH
  • 79 DEF
  • 95 REB

Rebounding Machine

Written by HoopAndLife

Bought for: I packed him in a 10 pack league moments box for 33,750 vc. I packed him in the 5th or 6th pack and is currently rocking my bench. My team if you want to see it by the way.


  • Inside scoring: He is a efficient scorer inside the post even off of smothered possessions. Ayton also catches the lobs that gets passed to him. I got some green releases sometimes off of standing layups.
  • Defense: Ayton was clamping up in the paint. He isn't the best defender in the game, but it can do. He doesn't steal the ball off of passes, which is kind of disappointing, but grabbing boards on the defensive end makes up for that.
  • Rebounding: Ayton is a rebounding machine. He grabs rebounds offensively and defensively. On the defensive end, Ayton will grab the rebound and pass to the nearest teammate and run down the court. On the offensive end, Ayton will grab the rebound and go for the standing layup or dunk. He doesn't pass it outside a lot to a shooter.
  • Speed & Ball Control: Ayton is fast and has above average ball control for a center. When he gets the ball, he just blows by the defender but doesn't do the layup. Instead he will go for the dunk. Blowing by defenders and having a good ball control is the second thing I like about this card. Weaknesses:

  • Shooting: His release is a slow release, which is hard for free throws, mid ranges, and jumpers. What I did was for Ayton to send a pick to one of my players, and my player pass the ball to Ayton who was outside the arc, and then my opponent clamped Ayton, forcing him to shoot the contested three and missing. So I wouldn't recommend shooting with this card.
  • Passing: Another thing I wouldn't recommend with this card because when he passes the ball, he turns over the ball and it would lead to my opponent with the fast break. He might even when passing to the shooter in the corner, will pass it out of bounds. There were times that my opponennt was guarding Ayton and he passed the ball inside trying to get it to one of my players, but it either costs a turnover or out of bounds.

*Recommended Strategy:** "A strategy I will recommend with this card is posting up. He will post up the player, and then will go to the spin move to the layup or dunk. It's a useful strategy."

Other Comments: "He is also a cheap player even though I pulled him in a box."

Use if: "You want a center that can post up and is efficient in the paint, like Whiteside or Deandre Jordan"

Don't use if: "You need one of those outside shooting centers like Embiid, Cousins, Towns, etc."

Bottom Line: "Is the center you need if you need inside scoring, good defense, rebounding, this is the card."

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