'01 Allen Iverson pinkdiamond card
97 Overall
  • 87 INS
  • 92 OUT
  • 95 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 90 DEF
  • 43 REB

This card is amazing

Written by Cashmoney7304

I think this card is the best on my lineup,and not just because of the overall. I received this card from a locker code and from there is was history. The steal rate when your not even him is great and if you are him it is even better. If you know how to shoot threes this card is great at that. I'm not sure what the open three is but it seems like 99. The card also has a HOF acrobat i believe so that can lead to some great scoring. The weakness of this card is obviously since he is short you can get blocked very easily in the paint and the defense isn't amazing, other than steals. Overall in would say if you have the Mt and need a SG, i'd purchase this, it is not the best in the game but certainly one of them.

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