'94 Hakeem Olajuwon pinkdiamond card
96 Overall
  • 96 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 60 PLY
  • 82 ATH
  • 93 DEF
  • 95 REB

Must grind for!!

Written by 2kmtcentral2016

Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon

Before we start, let me say that I was on the verge of getting LJ but it updated last second and got myself 10-0 with Hakeem as the reward. Not a bad deal because he is absolutely amazing :)

The only pickle I had with him was wondering which Diamond Shoe to slap on him because he is very versatile and you can go different ways. I went with the cheesiest option, 3Pt shoe + all shooting badges to really make him OP

This will summarize my total experience with him (13 games of MTU/TTO) where he averages 14,5 pts 6,4 rbs and 1,7 blocks on great %s (65% from 3 lol)

Bought for: Finishing 12-0 in MyTeam Unlimited with this lineup https://2kmtcentral.com/19/lineups/124999/pre-hakeem


  • Inside scoring: I have been a post player since 2k17 and this card is meeting all my expectations there. His build is long and large which helps him bully with ease down low. He has all the HOF post badges with a very nice post fade animation that gets barely contested, along with 97/97/98 for all his post stats. When he gets hot and activates his post takeover..... IT IS GAME OVER... He will eat or dunk on anyone that comes his way with those cheesy animations that destroy all defensive attempts. The only card that made me actually work for my buckets was PD Ralhp and even then it was a feast.

Side note : It is veryyy enjoyable using the Dream in the post and try to recreate his signature moves

  • Outisde scoring: Like I said, I gave him a 3pt shoe that boosts his open 3 to an 83. He has a very greenable release that takes no time to get use to. I recommend only taking wide open 3s because it is on the longer side but dont be afraid to let it fly. His mid range game is ridiculously cash, high ratings and if you decide to give him a Moving Mid shoe + Dwayne Casey, it gets it to a 93 moving.... With Gold Difficult Shots.... He is impossible to stop with a tradicional center having this many weapons at his disposal

  • Defense/Rebounding : I put both categories here because they are both very solid but not out of this world. He clamps and gets them boards with no effort. Also has sent a couple of shots past the 4th row due to his ferocious blocking ability


  • Athleticism : Not a huge liability but can sometimes have a hard time running down the court or switching onto fast SFs played at the 4. Nothing very concerning and quite natural for a player of his stature.

  • Price: Only if you want to make him ultra OP with an expensive shoe and shooting badges, this can cost you 80-90K.

Recommended Strategy: You can upgrade this card in 2 completely different ways that are both very reliable. My way that makes him a very consistent outside shooter OR the latter that consist in giving him the Kyrie 4 PE (purple) that boosts his Speed, Lat Q, FT, Draw Foul and PassAc. This shoe is quite cheap (around 12K) and doesnt require giving him any extra badge to reach its potential.

Use if: "You want one of the best Center in the game, probably only behind PD Ralph Sampson (that does similar things but has 4 inches on Hakeem)"

Don't use if: "You cant go 12-0 for some shady reasons"

Bottom Line: "Great value for the time spending. It really is rewarding to play with him after the grind and dominate the game in many ways"

Hope you enjoyed this review and Good Luck with the grind :))

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    sounds OP but I'm not the player to go 12-0. tried many times starting with going 4-0, 5-0, and then even went as far as 9-0 and I even begged my opponent to let me win but he was also going for 12-0. Mode is rigged because the reward is trash for not getting 12-0. I'll never get Hakeem but I hope better centers come out as I use PD Kareem and PD Sampson as backup. Hakeem might not even be a need


    If you already have Sampson and Kareem then grinding for Hakeem is not exciting. I had Ruby Kat and Amy Embiid for the longest time so the upgrade was massive.

    Maybe it's just here in Europe, but I win 90%+ of my games and don't have the most OP squad. Guess the competition is better in the U.S


    yeah in the US its more about having god squads and I guess for you guys in Europe you rely on lower tiers but still budget beasts. Yeah there are players in the game who play higher than their tier like some Rubys and Amethysts playing like diamonds. In the US, its everyone throwing in money on the newest releases and getting hype on the new Pink Diamonds and grinding the rewards. I'm an ok player but I'm one of those guys who spends


    I still face plenty of god squads but judging from YouTube videos and stuff, teams are much more stacked over there.

    I love destroying spenders with a full Ruby and below team jaja