'05 Bruce Bowen ruby card
89 Overall
  • 63 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 65 PLY
  • 82 ATH
  • 92 DEF
  • 45 REB

Scottie Pippen

Written by Scoobenbrenzo

Bruce Bowen is A lockdown defender, can lock down anyone. With a defensive coach he has 99 lateral quickness, 99 on ball defense iq, 99 help defense iq, 99 pick and roll defense iq, 97 pass perception, 89 steal and a 86 pass interception tendency; If a pass is near him, he'll steal it. Also he's got a 91 open 3 with one of the best releases in the game.... he is 4k mt.

Bought for: 4,150


  • DEFENSE: Amazing stats with amazing tendencies( I'll explain tendencies later on)
  • 3pt Shooting: 91 3, great release and doesn't miss when he's open


  • Dunking: He's not a dunker, although he does dunk in traffic more often than I expected
  • Contested shooting: His release is knockdown... when open, when he is contested he will miss a lot, 84 contested 3 is not bad but not great and his release is a touch on the long side which can result into a very early release. If you take good shots this won't be a problem.
  • Rebounding: as a small forward it doesn't matter but if you plan on running him at power forward it will be a problem.
  • Driving Layup: only a 70, has a 82 draw foul so should always get the foul in transition

Recommended Strategy: Defensive rat causing turnovers, 3 point pull ups, mid range pull up

Other Comments: If you're not too familiar with tendencies or only think dunking tendencies matter then this is for you! To me I always look at defensive tendencies, i always want my guards and small fowards to have high on ball steal tendency and pass interception tendency and my Centers to have a high block shot tendency. If a guy has a 99 steal and a 0 pass interception tendency, he'll never get a off ball steal, full court pass and he won't step in and get the steal. Anyway, Bruce Bowen has a 78 on ball steal tendency, for a sf that's great, 86 pass interception tendency which is crazy for a sf, 72 block shot tendency which is insane for a sf. Hope this helps if you didn't understand tendencies.

Use if: You want a Defensive God and a knockdown shooter

Don't use if: You need a scoring machine that carries you with his offense

Bottom Line: One of the best value cards there is, if this card was a diamond and was 70k, I'd buy him. Get him now before his price rises.

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    This is a perfect breakdown. The guy is a monster and a perfect fit for any roster! He will make your opponent pay for wreckless passing.