'84 Bob Lanier diamond card
94 Overall
  • 96 INS
  • 78 OUT
  • 61 PLY
  • 89 ATH
  • 86 DEF
  • 94 REB

Free Nate Thurmond

Written by donnymost68

So I got lucky with the plinko game and managed to get this Lanier, my first This Day in History card. Turns out that he’s actually quite the enforcer.

Bought for: Locker Code


  • Inside scoring: Around the rim, Lanier is devastating. He finishes one contact layup after another, and he doesn’t forget his vicious dunk package. He always seems to catch a body when he goes up for a dunk. It’s as though he’s letting everyone else know that they shouldn’t bother.
  • Mid-Range: Beast. He doesn’t have the quickest release, but he does have an easy one, and the rating allows it to go in more than frequently
  • Athleticism: Lanier is fast. 84 speed on a center is ridiculous. In addition, his vertical and strength (both outstanding) help him dominate the post and the boards (both of which I’ll get to soon)
  • Post Game: Lanier’s fade-away doesn’t create tons of space, but the release is quite simple, and his hooks are cash too. You can also bully your opposition with up and under moves that create plenty of space. Once you have takeover, you basically shove everyone out of your way before forcing a shot in.
  • Defense: Down low, Bob is a wall. He contests and blocks many shots, and rarely gives up a bucket. He isn’t amazing on the perimeter, however, but that’s not a massive problem
  • Rebounding: Christ this card can grab boards. He leaps and fights for every loose ball like his life depends on it.

Weaknesses: Just one

  • 3PT: This is the only grievance I have for this card. If he had like a 70 he’d be broken

Recommended Strategy: Catch and shoot, post up, inside play, screen and roll/fade (for mids), keep him down on the block or at the mid range area. Run 43 Motion Freelance set to keep him on the free throw line

Other Comments: This card is essentially free Nate Thurmond (the PD). If you have him already, just keep him, he’s monstrous. But this Lanier does the same things Thurmond does, just a little worse

Use if: You want a bully of a center who can dominate in the block and down low, as well as hold his own on defense

Don't use if: You want a stretch big

Bottom Line: Best This Day in History card by far no cap. If you’re lucky enough to get him, use him well.

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