'05 Shaquille O'Neal pinkdiamond card
97 Overall
  • 93 INS
  • 58 OUT
  • 55 PLY
  • 92 ATH
  • 95 DEF
  • 97 REB

best player ever

Written by thegoat2338

Bought for: 99999999999999999999 mt


  • Inside scoring: Great at finishing near the donut shop
  • amazing at posting up charles barkleys bbq
  • Standing Shot 3pt: 25 - doesn't miss open shots
  • straight op


  • to good for the penis opals and pd suckers
  • Stamina: 25 amazing tho

**Recommended Strategy:anywhere is best for this op card

Other Comments: ( "Doesn't have the usual set of plays, might be good if you normally run plays for your bbq

Use if: "You want an athletic playmaking fridge protecter

**Don't use if: ur doodoo

*Bottom Line: great for 99999999999999999999 mt just over all op card

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