'04 Richard Hamilton diamond card
94 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 95 OUT
  • 82 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 91 DEF
  • 51 REB

My review on Rip

Written by Rotura

Bought for: 75,000MT


  • Inside scoring: Very solid layups and his driving dunk feels atleast 8 stats higher than what it is, has some very nice dunk animations, don't drive in expecting posters though.
  • Standing Shot and off dribble 3pt:- Real nice release, and drains most shots, along with a really smooth off dribble shot.


  • Can't really think of any tbh, but I will say that he can be very inconsistent and miss a few easy shots in a row.

Recommended Strategy: "Drive 1v1, run plays to get open, use PnRs to get open or drive in

Use if: "You want an solid sharpshooting Sg who can also slash with ease

Don't use if: "You need lockdown defense or pure playmaking

Bottom Line: He is a solid player to pick up, but as of right now Diamond D'angelo is about 20k cheaper, who I'd personally say is the better option, but Rip Hamilton is still a very nice card to pick up.

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