'04 Richard Hamilton diamond card
94 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 95 OUT
  • 82 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 91 DEF
  • 51 REB

Genuine RIP review

Written by BMisCute

Bought for: 50,000 ish MT


  • Driving to the basket, very good as well under the rim.
  • Fairly Good At defending the perimeter, if you know what you are doing
  • Has a pretty good release


  • Very Often misses wide open threes no matter how good the release is.
  • Very Inconsistent shooter overall, despite the rating.

Recommended Strategy: Set at PG, Go one on one with defenders, and drive to the rim.

Use if: You want a alright defensive PG or SG, or a shooter. (even tho he misses VERY OFTEN)

Don't use if: You get frustrated easy, he misses things he shouldn't, turns the ball over a lot.

Bottom Line: In my honest opinion there are a lot more players who are much more viable for loads of MT below this card, so dont get this card lol.

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    Damn I REALLY wanted to try this card too. He was one of my favorite players from those Pistons that won the title. I packed Dale Ellis so I might buy Rip, try him, and if he's good enough I'll sell Dale off. Here's to hoping I get better shot consistency with my Rip!

    Thanks for the honest review!


    How did it go? I was hoping this card would be OP, his Duo was pretty fun!


    He's awesome for the MT. His jumper is a touch slower than amy Jimmy Butler and diamond T-Mac, but he offers more overall game than Butler and is a fraction of the cost of diamond T-Mac. I packed T-Mac or else I couldn't even mention him in comparison.

    I personally use my SG as straight up 3andD so I still prefer amy Jimmy Butler to Rip, but Rip is definitely better for players that like to shoot mids (Rip rarely ever misses) and slash more with their SGs.


    Thanks for the feedback! That's awesome you packed T-Mac. I sniped his ass with the MT I got from that flash sale of Supermarket they had when the polar vortex thingie hit. I got like 3 diamonds, 2 PDs and 2 Amy's so I sat on that shit.

    Gonna go get Rip now for my bench! I use my 2 as a 3 & D as well, it sounds like he'll be a great fit.


    Better overall card than ray allen