Giannis Antetokounmpo opal card
99 Overall
  • 99 INS
  • 97 OUT
  • 99 PLY
  • 99 ATH
  • 99 DEF
  • 99 REB


Written by willing1

This card is The greatest card in 2k this year most likely because he is a great Offensive player And a great defensive player No matter where you are on the court and when you max out every badge He is Just Godly Beast and his three ball is Overpowered and amazing to use if you know how to use it correctly because when i shoot the ball from three open or on the move and being contested he is just Hitting greens time after time and his dunking is Well how should i say.. he destroys anyone who try´s to guard him and i think they made this card overpowered and this will most likely be the best card of all of 2k´s history and he has no problems what so ever.

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