'18 Kyle Korver amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 84 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 73 PLY
  • 81 ATH
  • 79 DEF
  • 70 REB

Fire Release

Written by paytowin69

Just bought this card off the block for 42k and he was worth every coin. He has one of my favorite releases in the game plus if you put a ball control shoe on him and having Dantoni or Kerr he can speedboost! Only cons are gonna be speed, and lack of defense, but he is 6'7 and that helps a bit. If you can't afford Klay like most people in this community this is pretty much a budget Klay minus the D and obviously HOF limitless. This is how I wished Ray Allen's release was but it's not unfortunately. Definitely a must cop if you like 3pt plays this card is a sniper and doesn't need much space to get off a shot. (I would recommend trying one of the other Korver cards before you buy him to make sure you like his release)

Use if: you want an elite sharp shooter and know how to run plays

Don't use: if you wanna run up the floor and have lockdown D

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    Would you say a lateral quickness shoe is necessary for him? I'm really interested in this card


    72 vs 67 lateral quickness isn't too big of a difference in my opinion. I honestly think its a must to put a ball control shoe on him because he actually has really nice separation in transition and shot creating dribble moves.