Buddy Hield ruby card
87 Overall
  • 72 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 66 PLY
  • 83 ATH
  • 75 DEF
  • 55 REB


Written by imalmostbatman

Like 88 Josh Smith in 2k17, Buddy will definitely be the only Ruby that I will never take off my roster, no matter what other players I get.

Bought for: Packed


  • Inside scoring: Not the absolute best at it, but when you need him to drive, he usually gets it done over most players.

  • Shooting: This man can shoot from EVERYWHERE! I usually only miss 2-3 baskets a game with him

  • Consistency: Once you get one bucket, its off to the races with Buddy. He gets hot extremely quickly, and he can go minutes without missing a single bucket.

  • Release: This man can shoot with ease. One of the best releases out there.


  • Defense: Its not entirely bad, and he can stay on his man most of the time. But he's not the guy to look to if you need to shut someone down.

  • Rebounding: He can grab wide open boards, but when put on someone even an inch taller, that board is usually lost.

Recommended Strategy: "Perimeter shooter, catch and shoot, mid range pull-up, shooting from anywhere on the court"

Use if: "You want a premier shooter that can score from basically anywhere"

Don't use if: "You want a fully slashing SG or lockdown defender"

Bottom Line: "A great offense pickup, using him will give your offense an instant boost whether he start or comes off the bench."

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