• 158,000
  • 185,000
91 Overall
  • 82 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 73 PLY
  • 83 ATH
  • 81 DEF
  • 80 REB

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    Have an extra 3 so if you're getting torched with aldridge plug him in at the 3 and move bridges to the 4. Pierce especially. If you love aldridge maybe sell porzingis if he's over 100k more cards who can do the same things has him are coming out


    I wouldn't run Aldridge at PF he doesn't have clamps. Switch him to the bench for Adebayo since he has clamps. Hope this helps


    I Run 4 out 1 in I only go for 3's unless paint is open, Pick n' Pops and I make sure my players have clamps. Im a comp park player too I have great defense and I shoot with my bar off. Any suggestions?


    Sell Aldridge and pick up Pierce