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    yea fuck it we got storytime again i wanna share sum crazy shit

    so july 17 of 2018, i had to go to dallas bc my girl was sick and she and her dad got in a fight so she asked me for help. it was a 5 hour drive so i left work at around 4pm. around 6pm, idfk what happened to me but i was way tired, stopped for coffee but didn't help. left the gas station, and i tried to hurry up a lil bc i hate driving at night.

    around 7:50 sum, idk wth happened, i knew i was drivin wayy 2 fast (not speeding btw i know the law) for someone who been bustin his ass at work so ig that was my fault. there was a turn and i had to slow it down a tad bit and fsr i couldn't. couldn't get my shit together, rough turn, and i was off the road, kablamo. the car was tipped, almost unconscious, my left leg was fucked, didn't know what 2 do. tbfh almost couldn't even feel the pain bc i was in shock, i was numb, i knew i was screamin for help but i couldn't even hear myself. it was tuff. i passed out, apparently after a few minutes, ambulance/medic team of some sort took me to a hospital in dallas.

    woke up it was fuckin 5am in the morning, surgery/operation was apparently done like wtf and my girl and his dad was there. doc told me errythin was fine, my leg was perfectly fine just had some stupid car parts bust through my shit but it all good. it was a tough time but i thanked god because i was alive and all was good except fo my whip. took a couple weeks off cus my operated leg not gonna take care o itself.


    finally got back to my rhythm, my regular shit, working again cus dats how we do. need to get a new cheap car because i hated riding cabs, and all that. anyway, let me cut to the chase. my girl decided to break up w me after
    hm 4 1/4 years.

    surprisingly his dad hated my ass. i was makin money gettin promoted and shit but apparently i had no direction in my career. i got mad hella mad, i argued w/ my girl tellin me she didn't want dis. i kept tellin her she a grown woman and can make decisions herself but i began to think that maybe it was really time to move on. it was sad for months but it is what it is

    can't blame her dad anyway, i had a phase where i really lost focus. hell, i was making 2k cards in this site, playing 2k, madden, fortnite, cod, fifa instead of makin big steps fo my career which i should have taken earlier. i lived my early 20s like a teen bc i started to become more financially capable idk but i get the point, i shouldve focused on my career more than anything. so yea thank god i'm alive man, that was luck and a second chance at life cus that how we do.

    i know i sound pretty dramatic rn but i just goin thru sum soft hours once in a while. yea just wanted to share sum shit wit yall idk y am i in this site again lmao screw corona man das all


    damn man holy, glad you alright bro


    dang that’s crazy bro good thing it all worked out


    yeaa iss all good


    Yo I’m sorry if this is off topic and that cool that it all worked out but u got any suggestions for my lineup https://2kmtcentral.com/20/lineups/248104/current-lineup#comment-1857769


    It's good you safe


    aye yea life's all good


    damn i aint know dat