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    I want to take the direction of this account to somewhere it's never been before. In order to do that, I must first close the chapter I've been writing for the past 4 years... That of course; is drafting.

    During this time, I have assembled the greatest drafting resume on the site. This is something that I'm proud of since I created my account to draft in the first place. Below are the screenshots that provide a snapshot of my drafting journey all the way from the beginning...

    imgur.com/a/MFTfimQ (256 90 OVR drafts - record holder)

    imgur.com/a/khtrzRG (was originally on 1st pg of leaderboards)

    imgur.com/a/dhS6nWm (biggest stain on my legacy i'd say - just wasn't into it this yr)

    imgur.com/a/ReVkA9V (redeemed myself w/ the most historic drafting yr - multiple records broken)

    With that being said, I've decided it's time to hang it up. I've had the most fun when I was drafting, but it was also accompanied by stress. It was an incredible journey, one that ignited my love for the site... & I couldn't be happier how far I went


    he's going somewhere where no user has gone before


    What’s the new direction?


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    Where r u gong next


    ur still a pussy for that f4f shit u pulled a few years ago


    You come back and this is the 1st thing you say.. I live in your head LMAO