• 45,050
  • 0
85 Overall
  • 73 INS
  • 77 OUT
  • 74 PLY
  • 80 ATH
  • 72 DEF
  • 71 REB

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    Philly is perfect


    I mean the joke was ok


    this ain't a joke


    You truly believe role players like Rozier, Mcgee and Augustin are better than Giannis lol


    No their teams are better. The Hornets, Lakers, and Magic are all better than the Bucks.


    Try hornets are not a top 13 team at all


    if anything they should be top 5


    u put the bucks and the clippers way behind any nba team except the magic which brings me to my next topic why tf are magic way behind the following teams:
    the 76ers they are gonna get swept by the Magic in the playoffs
    the pacers their best player is not gonna show up until the playoffs and brogdon is trash because UVAfan is dickring his meat on him
    the hornets they are gonna be the worst team in the nba and there is no chance in hell that MJ is coming out of retirement
    and the Lakers because LeChina, LeCommunism, LeOverrated idc what u call him at this point is once again the most hated player in the NBA and the lakers are not winning an nba championship deal with it.