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94 Overall
  • 82 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 79 PLY
  • 87 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 84 REB

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    Other players info (All have Steve Kerr as coach):

    Smart: Has a Kobe defensive shoe. Has 99 steal with boost of Steve Kerr as Coach. Great defensive PG/SG. A bit too short so can get easily blocked. Inconsistent finishing at times.
    Jordan: Has a Jordan defensive shoe. Great defender and finisher. Not great at all at 3 pt shooting. Very streaky.
    Conley: Has Kobe defensive shoe. Great perimeter D and steal. Great midrange. inconsistent 3 pt shot. Has very good finishing.
    Bogut: Great defensively and rebounding. Can't really shoot but gets the job done as C. Can play him in any other position though.
    Maker: I use mostly as a gimmick. He's kind of a glitch, especially in TTO. If I see that another team has a slow C or PF, I'll use him instead of Russ to start and ball handle. Can be inconsistent though. Would really be a menace with a 3pt shoe.
    Collins and Ingram: I use only in emergencies. Nothing really wow. Mostly use them because buying contracts for them is cheap.


    This is the current lineup I play with the most. I have higher rated cards (i.e. Pink Diamonds and Galaxy Opals), but I found that this line up works well. i most use my starters in a game unless they start to get close to foul out. Most of these cards were bought in Xbox MT Auctions for about 7k-10k. Here's what works and doesnt in my opinion.
    Billups: Great 3 pt shot and release, very good speed and finishing for a smaller PG
    Brewer: Strictly use him for defense. He's 6'8'' so that is tall for SG position. Also good speed and can dunk well in transition.
    Smith: 6'10'' so he's tall for a SF. Really good all around defense, can guard SF and PF positions well. Great rebounding.
    Boban: Way too tall for PF position. Amazing rebounding and defense. Can back down almost anyone and easy finishes above other players.
    Westbrook: At this position can be hit or miss. His speed in ridiculous. Has tons of HOF badges. Can really take over a game if you know how to use him. I've also added a Harden Volume 3 shoe so he's 98 on 3 pointers and adds much more ridiculous speed and lateral movement.

    Mostly 3 pt shooting. I admit, I'm not great with shooting timing. If I could learn to shoot, especially with Westbrook (98 3 pt shot, plus Steve Kerr as my coach) I think I could really start winning games. Also using Westbrook as my center, I rely on him and his playmaking/scoring almost entirely. Sometimes he's wildly inconsistent. Also I have been absolutely destroyed by others using the same Billups Card and all they do is a snatchback/step back move on the 3pt wing and they drain green 3's on me all day. I wish I knew that move!

    Anyway, I hope this review of my most used lineup helps. Always looking for improvement. I dont have that much MT tokens right now and I keep budgeting for low cost-high reward cards (Like Westbrook, got him for 5k!).