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98 Overall
  • 91 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 82 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 87 DEF
  • 91 REB

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    I feel bad for you, grinding out domination is tough and then you get a shawn kemp who you shouldn't even use at this point. I know you grinded but definitely don't use kemp. Don't use that Kobe either. Elvin Hayes is kinda trash too. Haywood doesn't have range extender so i wouldn't use him especially at sf; buy a darius miles instead. McAdoo is 6 ft 9, so too small to play center so i recommend saving up to buy an eddy curry. I suggest you run a 10-man and do something like this:
    Starters - Luka, Gervin, Reddish, Green, Eddy
    Bench - Wes, Redd, Larry, Darius, Radja
    hope this helps
    could i have some suggestions on my lineup too?


    I got tacko


    ok tacko's decent, evoed or unevoed? I used Tacko before and in my opinion he's too slow but if he fits your playstyle then that's a good pickup.