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    Kevin Garnett spotlight series is dope, also Chris Webber deserves that card.


    Dave, Kobe and C Webb, fire collection.


    Cards to pick up?
    I guess...
    Sprewell since he can evolve to a diamond, Szczerbiak if his release is good, Marbury should be good upgraded, and maybe Kobe if you got mad MT, but he's going to be overpriced for a hot minute, so I don't know...


    Marbury gets hof quick first step at amethyst


    muresannnnnn :(((((


    why no Kendrick Perkins if there r bums like Kobe in this collection smh


    maybe except u spelled Pendrick Kerkins wrong irrelevant bum!


    Chris Webber is here to make people think that the challenges may be worth it, but they probably aren't.
    Paul Pierce is here so people can make fun of him as an analyst, Kobe is here to make Troydan bust a fat nut and spend at least 500K VC to get him, Daniel Gibson is here to remind people that he was called "Boobie" when he played, Wally Szczerbiak is here so people can mess up spelling his last name, Rondo is here with a 75 mid and a 76 three for some reason, Latrell Spreewell is here so people can make choking jokes, also in case we don't already have enough undersized Small Forwards. I know height doesn't matter as much this year, but dang...
    D-Rob is here because no one is going to get his Opal anytime soon, AK-47 is here to make people think he's going to be a god again, but most likely N O, every other card except for Stephon Marbury is probably going to be trash (Marbury can be evolved to an Amy, I think?), KG is here because duh, it's his spotlight series, T-Mac and Vince are here because I have no clue why they were so low before this, and Muresan is getting nerfed. Yay?


    The challenges are worth cuz you get diamond magic with every badge and 87 everything


    You have to be joking if you think those stats won’t change


    Its 2k so 50/50


    How in the world did Kobe get a better card than Daniel Gibson?