'11 Shaquille O'Neal opal card
99 Overall
  • 99 INS
  • 98 OUT
  • 98 PLY
  • 99 ATH
  • 99 DEF
  • 99 REB

Big Shaq

Written by mmm-64-slices-of-american-cheese

Honestly, this card is not worth it. With centers like Kareem, Wiseman, and other top tier centers, this card is not worth the Million MT he is going for. First of all, he is not an elite 3-point shooter like his stats would suggest. He has arguably the worst jumpshot in the game. When it comes to dribble moves, he has my favorite moving crossover in pro 2. His other cards have the Giannis behind the back but 2k decided to give him the third best behind the back in pro 5. Defensively he is top tier with his stats, wingspan, and tendencies. If I had this card I would use him primarily in the paint. Thats were Shaq would dominate and be unstoppable. Rebounding wise he is also great. If you want a good GOAT Opal center thats NOT Kareem, go pick up Wilt. He has a better jumper, longer wingspan, and is about 600K. I would give this card a 3/5 because I can't put him under 3/5 because he is a GOAT Opal.

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