'10 Nick Young opal card
99 Overall
  • 89 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 92 PLY
  • 96 ATH
  • 87 DEF
  • 73 REB


Written by Slevin424

I saw this going for dirt cheap and 53 HOF badges so I thought maybe he was a cheap GOAT but I guess there's a reason he's cheap. Don't get me wrong for the price he's absolutely worth picking up but you'll notice some rather obvious flaws early on. Honestly if you're looking for a SG I'd still go with J.R. Smith or Iggy. Not Iggy his wife... although she might get more rebounds than he does, but I mean Andre. I'd even pick Marion or Dave over him cause while they might not be able to knock down 3's like he can they can defend and rebound way better.

Bought for: 25,000 MT


  • Shooting: 98 3pt shoot with almost every shooting badge at HOF gives him the title of sniper for sure. However his shooting animation for me just feels weird. The green window isn't as generous as Klay, Ray or T-Mac. Luckily he hits full whites pretty often but getting greens for me took a lot of practice and even then just the smallest bit of input delay throws me right the fuck off. But then I get games where I can't miss with him even getting late or early releases he still sinks them so I don't know honestly. His off the dribble is easier to green for me than his catch n shoot game which is odd. But I'd still say shooting is easily his best area. I definitely like his step back. Doesn't get the most space but it's quick.

  • Inside: It's okay nothing too crazy. Good layups and driving dunks. 98 vertical and decent animations. Has all the HOF badges you could ask for. 96 speed with ball isn't too bad for a 6'7 with a nice wingspan allowing him to yam it over smaller guards. Has a lazy hop step animation though.


  • Dribble moves: Don't like them. Has a really basic looking crossover. The hesi-behind the back combo is okay I guess. Running behind the back is kinda lazy looking. Between the legs is fine though. I just feel like for a SG I like someone who can break off defenders and use their speed to score. Iggy is not that type of guard.

  • Defense: Perimeter is fine and while it does say 84 interior D I wouldn't trust him against some of the big SGs like T-Mac or someone strong like Jordan. Mainly due to that 81 strength. Sure he's got the badges but it doesn't translate to actual effort. The AI is basically useless. 63 reaction time, 72 pick n roll defensive IQ, 72 block and 63 shot contest. Some people don't think these stats matter but when you're not controlling them, they matter a lot. Jordan, PD Dennis Rodman, Kobe, Klay, Tony Allen and VO are dogs on defense without you controlling them. I feel confident their AI will put in work so I can guard plays letting the AI cover their guys. Swaggy not so much.

  • Rebounding: At SG maybe it's not the biggest deal breaker but 6'7 I kind of expect he'd out rebound smaller guards but he doesn't. Iggy off my bench with only 80's in rebounding can gobble up boards way better than Swaggy.

Recommended Strategy: With rather lackluster dribble moves my only recommended strat with his guy is running cheesy 3pt plays. But he does do THAT job extremely well. You find a decent 3pt play like Quick Chest or Loop then assign it to him he'll sink them with ease. Sadly once the D figures out the plays he becomes a pylon at the 3pt line.

Other Comments: While he's solid on offense he's not a two way player and to me those guys are way more valuable.

Use if: "You want a sniper"

Don't use if: "You want someone who can do a bit of everything"

Bottom Line: Still dirt cheap so maybe off the bench or a pocket 3pt shooter would be worth picking up.

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