'74 Dave Debusschere opal card
99 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 93 OUT
  • 87 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 98 REB

My Second Fav 2 Guard

Written by SekouDoumbouya

Dave Debusschere, not a card you hear about often and honestly just another card swept under the rug because hes a 6'6 2 and 3. Dave Debusschere is arguably the best defending 2 guard in the entire game, and personally I agree with this, hes a great cone with some of the best defending youve seen since Kawhi Leonard and when Diamond Jordan used to terrorize on the defensive end

How ive used him is a spot up on offense, nothing spectacular although hes a great shooter with Nick Youngs jumpshot, the reason hes on my team is for switching on any point guard as he can literally defend the best point guards in the entire game. Combined with good dribbles, a great jumpshot, elite rebounding and contact dunks galore, this card is a personal favourite of mine

Bought for: 51,000 MT


  • Literally the best defending 2 guard in the game, like Kawhi level defending, can defend arguably 1-5 maybe struggling against Muresans and giant centers (although in fairness who can guard them)
  • Catch and shoot jumpshot is one of the easiest to time in the entire game, super fast with an easy release point. He can create his own jumpshot extremely easy with good 3 hunting dribble moves and the fastest quick stop dribble
  • Contact dunk tendency is through the roof, this guy contacts with guys like Vince Carter and Maggette
  • A very good post game for a 2 guard although its not seriously necassary but its not a negative


  • Player modelis around 6'4 but a large wingspan makes up for it

Recommended Strategy: "Guard the 1 at all costs, switch your matchups around to benefit from his extremely good defence, use as a 3nD 2 Guard"

Use if: "You need a Defensive Demon"

Don't use if: "You need a hyper athletic tall 2 guard"

Bottom Line: "Amazing value for money, great budget opal if not the best budget opal in the game"

Comparisons: "Jimmy Bulter, Shorter Kawhi, Opal Nic Batum"

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