Damian Lillard opal card
99 Overall
  • 97 INS
  • 99 OUT
  • 99 PLY
  • 98 ATH
  • 91 DEF
  • 88 REB

Might be my favorite PG now

Written by Slevin424

I know reviewing a 6'3 PG in end game is hilarious since we have centers playing PG so obviously this might not be viable against sweaty tryhards. I don't care though cause those glitched bigs and out of position cheese or even the new Ben Simmons isn't going to be hitting full whites from the logo consistently. This card is nuts. Dunking, slashing, shooting, defense and incredible speed. If you really like Curry and yeeting stupid 3pt shots from way out but were extremely disappointed with his last opal this might be your new favorite card.

Bought for: 6,000 MT


  • Shooting: I'm a big fan of Lillard's jumpshot animation. I use it in MyCareer so I'm really used to the timing. On top of every HOF shooting badge you could ask for and 99 3pt shot stat he can hit from deep and I mean deep. Greens from way out like you'd expect him too in real life. Side steps, step backs and off the dribble are all elite. Hell running 3pt shots green with ease. I even hit shots from further out than I'd ever try and he hits full whites from nearly half court just banking it in way more often than you'd expect. I like using Curry cards just to cheese people while they're using LeBron, Simmons or Magic at PG cause sure they can body small PGs at the rim but those 2's won't add up against your shooter at PG if they're on fire. Dame is that shooter.

  • Inside scoring: His speed and vertical with decent dunk animations lets him catch bodies at the rim. I got Westbrook and Dame they're both insane at dunking on shot blockers. Westbrook has the better dunk animations but there's things with this card I'm not doing with Westbrook. Like chucking 30 feet 3pt shots. He also has an explosive hop shot letting him slither around bigs.

  • Playmaking: Obviously good passing but his dribble animations are nice. If you got one of them big ass PGs on you be sure spam the hell out of those snatch backs at 25 feet out and just light them up from 3. His step back and side steps are pretty good too. 98 speed with ball so not maxed out but he feels fast.

  • Defense: So my guy got 2 blocks in single quarter and I was kinda tripping out since I wasn't even controlling him as I was busy defending the guy cutting since he ran the same play over and over. But I was wondering what the hell AI this thing was given to swat shots like he's Dikembe and sure enough I noticed that 80 block shot tendency to go along with a 85 block. Now... yes this is end game so I'm not surprised if Dame has 85 block but giving him an 80 block tendency is hilarious. This card is a beast on defense. 88 interior so not bad there too. Can stop slashers roughly around his height and swipes at everyone thanks to the 95 on ball steal. But has really good defensive badges and just gold rim protector but that's not too shabby.


  • 6'3: Really my only complaint.

Recommended Strategy: ISO, draw up 3pt plays, yeet deep 3's taking the ball up court. Basically this is a card you can go ham on any strategy you want and he'll deliver.

Other Comments: I noticed 0 foul and 0 hard foul tendency on him which I'm not sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing? Like if you're off-balling and expecting him to foul Ben Simmons to prevent a layup I'm wondering if the AI won't do it? If this is how they stop guys who off-ball every second of the game that's not a bad idea but I noticed it's on ALL the players from this pack. Even bigs like Bam, Jokic and AD don't have any foul tendency. For centers I don't know if that's a good thing. Although I do remember having GO Garrentt who'd basically try to foul out in a single quarter thanks to his tendency so maybe that's a good thing? I don't know just keep on eye on it.

Use if: You want a "I CAN DO EVERYTHING" PG

Don't use if: You want someone taller.

Bottom Line: Dame time

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    Nice in-depth review! 0 foul and hard foul tendency is basically saying its very rare for them to foul. I have GO Dino and he gets a lot of flagrants even though he has 0 foul tendency and 0 hard foul tendency. Some players have like 25 on ball steal tendency and they still get steals its just that fouling is less common if the AI is controlling the player. the 0 foul tendency is a little confusing tho because the players still foul and if you play tto you would probably know about when you have a mismatch in your disadvantage and the player auto fouls. dame did that mulitple times in tto today without me controlling him so a player with 0 foul and 0 hard foul tendency would still foul if its a smart choice on a posession.


    Ah okay that's just weird cause I figured when it's high they foul for no reason so I was worried a 0 would mean they let everyone score on them when they should be fouling.




    ikr its amazing;