Zion Williamson opal card
99 Overall
  • 99 INS
  • 97 OUT
  • 94 PLY
  • 98 ATH
  • 93 DEF
  • 99 REB

Absolute beast

Written by Slevin424

So AD, Ben, Ingram and Harden are the slightly more expensive cards on the AH in this pack which made me worry the cheap ones sucked or something. Not true. Zion is dirt cheap on the AH and yes he's a 6'6 PF but if you run him at SF which is perfectly viable with his speed he'll be a solid pick up. Ingram and Khris are fine cards but they can't body shot blockers like this dude. I actually think aside from Kawhi this is the best option at SF if you had to choose from this pack. Ingram has nice animations and can shoot really well but this card can shoot too, defend the post, rebound like crazy, end a man's life with his dunks and can still match up against taller players.

Bought for: 7,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: You'd knew this would be his best quality. Electric dunking animations, insanely good at catching those nasty poster animations and can bully a lot of SFs with his 99 strength and 285lbs. Giving him 97 speed with ball and speed boosting with a decent amount of playmaking badges to freeze defenders is OP. Because his strength and weight is so rough on Ingram my opponent ended up forcing his PF to switch matchups defense giving me a mismatch at my 4 just cause they needed to stop this man from breaking the rim. His post fade animation is okay and his drop step is pretty good as well.

  • Rebounding: I'll make this short and sweet. They're going to need an out of position 7'0 center to be at SF to out rebound him.

  • Shooting: 97 3pt shot with a ton of shooting badges to go with a decent release animation makes him pretty lethal at catch n shoot. (I said decent but after getting used to it I feel like his release is amazing. I had a stretch of games where he shot better than my opal Paul Pierce, Khris and way better than Jerry Lucas.) I always get a little thrown off by lefties but after some practice in freestyle I got his green window down consistently. He's not the type of dude who can break someone off with dribble moves and hit a moving 3pt shot like Durant obviously but if the D leaves him open or you run a play to get him open he'll sink them pretty consistently. He also has a decent spot up tendency so he'll often put himself in the right position to score 3's unlike some of the other guys they give 90's in 3pt shot but no tendency so they're never at the 3pt line when they're open. I'm convinced that tendency causes that cause I had GO Hakeem who despite being wide open in the corner would immediately start running towards the rim every time making my passes go to a defender instead. But if they have some points in tendency they'll actually sit at the 3pt line and wait for the pass.

  • Defense: I saw 93 on MTcentral and thought maybe this would be his worst aspect but it's only low because of pick n roll defense... which is fine by the way don't know what that stat does. But he can guard the perimeter and stop slashers. I haven't been able to put him against LeBron GOAT yet but I'd imagine he'd do okay... I think. But I got that much faith in his post defense that I'd be happy to see that match up one day. All these cards have crazy tendencies and his AI puts in work. 100 block shot tendency. With that 285lbs he's not letting anyone slash on him either.

  • Playmaking: He's got a ton of badges, 97 speed with ball and pretty decent animations. I'm not saying he's an ankle bully but he can run point forward extremely well.


  • 6'6: At SF it's not the biggest deal in the world. He has a ton of defensive badges to help him on taller guys and while a KD might seem scary with his height I think Zion would break him in half.

Recommended Strategy: Cutter plays, pick n roll, post up, 3pt plays and hell ISO hold sprint then blow by to dunk on people. It's nasty how effective this card is at almost every situation.

Use if: You want a pseudo GOAT opal

Don't use if: You have a GOAT

Bottom Line: 7K MT why not pick him up.

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