Kawhi Leonard opal card
99 Overall
  • 96 INS
  • 98 OUT
  • 92 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 90 REB

One of my Favorite Cards!

Written by Nba2kGod11

Bought for: 260k MT. This was like a week or two ago. As of right now, this prime Kawhi is like exactly 100k. I think this is an amazing price for the card you're getting, and I'll explain why.


  • Shooting: Pretty much every card at this point in the game has like 99 3pt/mid and what not with all the necessary shooting badges, but I'm going to go over them for this Kawhi anyway. He has perfect stats in 3pt and mid-range shot(98 and 99, both 99 with floor general/coach). Kawhi also comes with every single shooting badge in the game on HOF except for no pick-and-popper(which doesn't really matter, he won't be setting too many screens anyway and I find this badge pretty useless), steady shooter(which is actually a bad badge to have, as many of you probably already know), and Pump Fake Maestro on gold which definitely doesn't make a difference. One thing I found while using him is his post fade creates a TON of separation, and is super easy to green(one of the few cards I can consistently green fades with). He has HOF Deep Fades too so he'll be able to get some nice points for you late into the shot clock. This card's release is AMAZING, he has Ray Allen base which is incredible. Money off the catch-and-shoot but great off the peek or quickstop as well. Huge green window. One thing I will say is, take your time to get used to this release. If you've never used it before, his release might take a little getting used to. Personally when I got this card, I struggled with his release a lot in the first 5 or so days and even debated selling him. But I eventually got his release down and it's straight cash. Shooting is one of my favorite parts about this card.

  • Slashing/Finishing: Kawhi is very fast with 97 speed, 96 speed w/ ball, and 97 acceleration. He can get to the basket with ease. Doesn't have a great BtB, but a fantastic tween(Pro 8) which can get him some separation, and a decent crossover. Kawhi can dribble glitch up the floor, with the best tween in the game he can just tween spam past defenders like they're not even there. He has every "Playmaking" badge in the game except for flashy passer(which doesn't matter in the slightest), including HOF QFS, Downhill, Handles for Days, Tight Handles, and Unpluckable. This card can finish at the basket as well as anyone, he has the Long Athlete layup package(best in the game). 97 driving dunk and driving layup, with all the important finishing badges in the game help too. While he isn't most people's primary ball handler, the Klaw can create opportunities for himself if needed.

  • DEFENSE: If you were to ask me what this card does best, it has to be defense. This man can CLAMP UP ANYONE. 99 Lateral Quickness, 99 Perimeter Defense, and 99 Steal paired with 75 pass-interception and 80 on-ball steal tendencies are fantastic. His 7'3 wingspan helps him get in lanes well for easy steals. He can guard bigger guys too, with 96 strength, 96 interior defense, and 97 block. Comes with every defensive badge in the game on HOF except for gold Worm, and no Brick Wall or Box. This card is not a bad rebounder either, 90 offensive/defensive rebounding with HOF Rebound Chaser. He can get it done everywhere on defense, one of the top-tier lockdown defenders in this game.


  • This card basically has no weaknesses. If there's any weakness, I'd say it's guarding guys like glitched KP since he's 6'7 at the end of the day. But as I mentioned above, he has insane defense against bigger guys as well which helps. Also not the best at posting up but that doesn't matter he's a SG.

Recommended Strategy: In Unlimited, use him as a cone and he'll do the job to perfection. Incredible release off the catch and can play lockdown D. In TTO, if you play him as your primary ball-handler(this is what I do) he won't disappoint either. Can lowkey create his own shot and running deep hash off a tween is op.

Other Comments: I just sold this card because I got the new "NBA is Back" Kawhi for 200k, who has literally 98 or 99 everything. This card is still fantastic though, and I'd say is better value.

Use if: You need an elite cone for a buyout that can really do it all.

Don't use if: You don't have enough MT(obviously) or if you have a super expensive SG already(but this card can still compete on godsquads).

Bottom Line: Get him ASAP, this is a must-have card for anyone looking for a good 2 that will help their team out a ton.

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