Khris Middleton opal card
99 Overall
  • 94 INS
  • 98 OUT
  • 91 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 90 DEF
  • 93 REB

High Skill Budget Baller

Written by SekouDoumbouya

Khris Middleton is just that guy who sits in your lineup and does everything you need a 2way Sharpshooter to do, one thing I have personally found whether that be high latency and only 60fps on PS4, but the reason I say high skill is because of his jumpshot (Base 56, Upper Kobe Bryant), which has been found to be one of the lower jumpshots when it comes to green window. Personally, im pretty good with timing jumpshots, but this jumpshot with meter is quite difficult. This doesnt matter to me as I use no-meter however

Ive used Khris as my backup 2 guard behind beasley, hes done exactly what he needs to do on the floor. Hes ok in TTO but a much better player in Unlimited ive found from playing around 7 games and was actually the key to help me get big O, Jerry Lucas and Glen Rice.

Bought for: 5,600 MT


  • Defending 1-4 comes easy for Middleton because hes tall for the 2 and can play the 3 if need be but personally ive found more success with him at the 2. He is an elite defender with comparisons to Jordan, James and Leonard on the defensive end.
  • Shooting from the outside is also easy for middleton, with his extremely quick release and ability to pull from wherever on the floor is a major bonus, he can easily create his own shots as he can quickstop and easily peekaboo with his jumper.
  • Tendency glitched meaning he contact dunks constantly, never fouls and gets every steal onball or lanes.
  • Just a great all around player with only 2 weaknesses for me personally
  • Amazing value as discard value for an opal


  • Cannot use his jumpshot on high latency or low fps, his jumpshot has a low green window and can be hard to use if your the type of player who cant keep a consistent ping or if the servers are bad
  • Cant guard the 5, especially giants like Muresan

Recommended Strategy: "Sit at the Hash or corner depending on the play you run and just shoot catch and shoot, either play onball or offball with his incredible defence and just try not switching onto the opposing centre"

Plays to use to maximise strengths: "A good set of plays to run are Hawks 2018, 21 Delay or Screen and fade away, all can be done using any normal playbook (i use Nets Playbook)"

Use if: "You want a versatile defending 2 or Wing who can light it up from deep"

Don't use if: "You want a 2 to run the offence through like a Vince Carter"

Bottom Line: "AMAZING value for money but you have to buy soon because the market is down and you can get him for like 5k MT"

Comparisons: "Jimmy Butler, Rashard Lewis, Dave Debusschere"

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