'03 John Stockton opal card
99 Overall
  • 99 INS
  • 99 OUT
  • 99 PLY
  • 99 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 98 REB

GOAT Stockton (Negative)

Written by SekouDoumbouya

Disclaimer: "This is not a dig at Stockton himself, 2k couldve made this card far better than what they did but they straight up were too lazy to make him any better than his PD from late LAST YEAR, Stockton fans, If you want to use this card because you like him, GO AHEAD, he isnt awful, but there are far better cheaper alternatives."


John Stockton, what can we say that hasnt already been said about this guy, he's arguably the best passer to ever hit the NBA court (ARGUABLY!). But unfortunately, especially for me, this card was a major letdown, I decided to get Stockton to fit the role of backup PG on my B Squad, but 2k barely updated this card, he has one of if not the worst dribble sigs for any goat card, he is easily the worst goat card we have seen yet. He can barely create his own shot and is a short PG who cannot defend any On-Ball position.

I used Stockton in 4 unlimited games and 6 TTO games (Counted). I used him to dance around screens and try to find a open shot with him, the problem is, Stockton feels sluggish and doesnt move very quickly at all (this might not be the case for people who have used him a lot). I struggled to shoot with Stockton because if you play High ping like I do (80-120 ping on 2k(Cos 2k is ass, not my internet)), his jumpshot is extremely glitchy and not smooth in the slightest, this wont be a problem for some but it was personally.

Bought for: 7,700 MT


  • Shooting from the perimiter is no problem, using his jumpshot on no meter with good ping is easy as he has a super fast release and can pull from almost anywhere on the floor.
  • He can guard players under about 6'6 and is Tendency glitched, meaning he gets a lot of steals
  • Can attack the rim fairly well but for me personally doesnt get many contact dunks but draws a ton of fouls


  • Defensive liability guarding anyone taller than like 6'7 unless they are super out of date cards. Cant guard a lot of Point Guards and gets blown by with ease
  • Dribble animations are absolutely horrendous, they didn't update his handles from his PD early in the year. Can barely quickstop and peekaboo and the worst handles when bringing up the ball.
  • Again, if using on high ping, be ready not to be able to time Stocktons release at all, the jumpshot is extremely wonky and feels really stiff and hard to time. (Large learning gap with this jumpshot)
  • Extremely short for the 1 and is completely out of meta in terms of competitive play and tough Unlimited matches and is just a turnstyle if your versing a player who has a high defensive IQ.

Recommended Strategy: "Offense:Run around screen and try to peekaboo jumpshot Defense: Put him in the corner away from the On Ball player and try not to get a switch"

Good Set of Plays: (optional) "21 Delay, Hawks 2018, Pass and Screen Away, 24 Down Horns Flare (I think thats what its called)"

Use if: "You want a good shooting point guard"

Don't use if: "You need a strong point guard who can defend multiple positions easily"

Bottom Line: "Ok value for money, pretty alright for players starting out, way better alternatives however and kind of useless."

Comparisons: "(Buzzer Beater) Steph Curry, '82 Galaxy Opal Isaiah Thomas, Shorter Dwade.

Rating: "5.5/10 for Budget Squads / 2/10 for Thanos Squads

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