Thon Maker opal card
99 Overall
  • 92 INS
  • 95 OUT
  • 91 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 81 DEF
  • 88 REB

One of my favorite cards ever!

Written by TheCuseMuthaFuca

Glitch. He's a monster. I got lucky and the price of Out of Position cards fell and was able to finally lock them in for Thon. I don't even care about that Lebron card (he's not that great). The worst part was spending 45,000 MT for Russell Westbrook (C/PF). But this Thon Maker is special. He can play PG or SF. I used him at PG to cause some turnovers. But I like him better at SF. He's handle is not the best for a PG, but he can still play PG and that's a good thing when you want to switch up your team. But as a small forward Thon is deadly. He camps out in the corner for 3. But he can give one quick head fake and power down a baseline slam. He can streak to the basket on a fast break for the easy dunk. He plays good defense. Khris Middleton has a hard time shooting corner 3's against him.

Bought for: Lebron for 89,000 MT, Draymond for 25,000 MT, Russell for 45,000 MT, Spud Webb for like 9,000 MT and Dennis Rodman for 5,000 MT


  • He glitchy.


  • Not the best dribbling PG. He doesn't have the footwork of a smaller pg like Dame or Curry.

Recommended Strategy: "You choose how you want to play him. You can run him at PG or SF. I recommend SF but you might want a tall PG. Quick Thru STS and he will dunk on whoever is in the paint."

Use if: "You locked him in. I actually like him better than OOP Lebron."

Don't use if: "If you don't have him"

Bottom Line: "I always liked Thon in 2K. He's been a problem for defenses since 2K17 ruby card was glitch. But this is a Galaxy Opal version. Most of the 2K award Galaxy Opals are kind of weak or overrated. Not this one. Well worth locking in and now the cards are cheap (they might go up in price since the packs are gone from 2K forever.) But he plays incredible! Thon "Play" Maker!"

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