'95 Michael Jordan opal card
99 Overall
  • 99 INS
  • 99 OUT
  • 99 PLY
  • 99 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 99 REB

Most overrated card in 2K20

Written by TheCuseMuthaFuca

This is the most overrated card in NBA 2K history.

He's B+ for steals, B+ on perimeter defense. He's on A for inside offense and A- for playmaking. Even though he is 99 rated in all of these things. He can't shoot 3's unless he's wide open. He can't slash to the hoop unless you run a play for him. He's pretty much a clone of his other galaxy opal card. James Harden from the NBA is Back pack has all A+'s on both defense and offense. GOAT Jordan has a dynamic duo (but he's a GOAT card. Why would he need a dynamic attribute boost?) None of his stats go up if you do pair him with Pippen. There's so many better shooting guards in 2K than this GOAT Jordan card. Whoever paid 7 million MT.. got robbed!. J.R. Smith is a better card in my opinion.

Bought for: 135,000 MT (with infinity contract)


  • He can dunk (Fastbreaks or run a Quick Thru STS play)
  • He can get some on ball steals, but not the best defender


  • He can't seem to run the Quick Thru STS play like other cards. He runs the wrong way and it can result in a turnover.
  • He's not a great 3 point shooter.
  • He's a clone of another Jordan card.

Use if: "If you really love Michael Jordan"

Don't use if: "If you have Diamond Michael Jordan"

Bottom Line: "This is the most overrated card in 2K history."

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    this is arguably the worst and most unrealistic review ever. i agree that hes not worth 7 mill, but you're literally judging a card by being able to run Quick Thru STS. thats literally retarded! Quick thru STS was patched a long time ago and you have to be shit at the game to need it. plus his release is really smooth! how is he a bad 3 point shooter? GOAT jordan is such an effective card to use. you seem to dislike his slashing, why is that? This card dunks over everyone no matter who's in front of you. trash review, even i could do better.


    Damn, some beef in the review section?


    I have no problems with @TheCuseMuthaFuca personally, but this review.......... first of all, why would you write a 2k20 review when the 2k21 demo is already out and 2k21 will officially come out on the the September 1st (In the US and for pre-order). Plus if you're gonna make a review where you aren't trolling, do it right! i guess you could say he is overrated cuz he wont win games for you and just because he's 99 everything he doesnt make every single shot, but still, you make him seem worse than the diamond dion waiters you reviewed.


    btw i was kinda answering your question and talking to @TheCuseMuthaFuca , so when i referred to someone as "you" , i was talking to him.


    You're fine bro, no worries.


    This card is really UNDERrated. He greens everything for me and he may not be as good as T-Mac or KD (who I have by the way), buy he is definitely not bad. He also gets really bumpy on defense.


    Nope. I'm sticking to my review. This card is overrated. I sold this GOAT Jordan and replaced him with GOAT Durant. GOAT KD is way better!!


    well duh obviously


    tendencies breh