'96 Gheorghe Muresan sapphire card
85 Overall
  • 76 INS
  • 56 OUT
  • 30 PLY
  • 59 ATH
  • 75 DEF
  • 85 REB

Big boy gheorghe

Written by Eternal_Salty

I’ve got another review for you little scrubs. I’m jk ily guys <3. This time ‘round I’m reviewing another player whom I believe is absolutely fucking goat status. I dissed this guy in my Dave Debusschere review, but it’s just tough love because I love this guy. This guy looks scary and rightfully so. He is glitchy as fuck and just takes a shit on pretty much any center in the game. Easily the best center in terms of brokenness so far this year.


  • Height: Just being 7’7” alone makes his animations glitch out, to my benefit of course. He goes to dunk and he’s already up there so his feet glitch through the floor on certain dunks which is honestly funny to watch at least for me. When he goes to do layups he jumps and he’s on top of the backboard so no one blocks his layups and he basically throws it down into the hoop even though it shows him pushing the ball upwards.

  • Inside scoring: I’ve kinda already said this shit but him being so tall makes his inside scoring dominant. He doesn’t get blocked at the rim and anyone that wants to challenge gets used to wipe his 7’7 Romanian asshole.

  • Rebounding: 85 rebounding stats plus being 7’7” says enough for me but if he doesn’t get it, it’s probably Dave fucking Debusschere snagging that shit.

  • Post Game: good strength and decent post stats make it enough for him to where all you need to do is post up and shoot a fade, a hook, just something yknow?

  • Interior D: having good defensive stats for inside defending and being 7’7” makes him a very intimidating guy in the paint

-Blocks: okay so I had to make this it’s own point because HOLY FUCK HE PUTS ANYONE DOWN! 2k was definitely high or some shit giving the tallest guy in the game an insane blocking stat. Like yeah it’s realistic but this is 2k and it’s just overkill at this point. It’s like giving Muggsy Bogues 99 vertical and 87 driving dunk. It’s just not gonna be a fun time for your opponent.


  • Shooting: his stats and his hot zones kinda spell it out for anyone with an IQ above the single digits. Don’t shoot 3 pointers with him, for the love of God, please. His mid-range isn’t even that good either. I wouldn’t shoot with him because not only are his stats garbonzo ball but he’s cold from like everywhere too. Good lord 2k was not feeling his jumper that well.

  • Speed: okay now he shouldn’t be fast but 25 speed is kind of a dick move. I mean yeah he’s 7’7” but like, give him 40 at least come on 2k you don’t need to bully him that hard.

  • Playmaking and ball handling: don’t even think about it.

Use If: You like winning games.

Don’t Use If: You like getting shit on

Bottom Line: Fucking monster of a guy. Best center right now, except maybe amethyst Rik Smits, maybe.

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