'16 Kevin Martin amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 80 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 69 PLY
  • 80 ATH
  • 77 DEF
  • 45 REB

Absolutely amazing

Written by 76process

Hello everyone today I will be doing a review on frostbite Kevin Martin and I’m sure as you could tell by the rating and title this card is amazing to say the least And for the record I don’t even have him at diamond yet he’s still at amethyst for me.

Bought for- 4.5K MT (Xbox)


Shooting- Martin can shoot the lights out plain and simple 6”7 93 3 ball HOF catch and shoot, HOF volume shooter HOF difficult shots, HOF tireless shooter and HOF quick draw dudes an absolute sniper can hit from anywhere also comes with 96 mid range I’ve played 3 games of triple threat and one unlimited game he’s probably missed one maybe two mid ranges the whole time also no steady shooter so that’s great

Release- I’m probably going to get heat for this and that’s fine but imo he has the best release in the game it’s super quick with HOF quick draw but not quick enough to be annoying it’s so smooth I green most of my shots with him

Tight space shooting- dude can get his shot up in anyone’s face someone could be right behind him and he can turn and shoot so quick it’ll be open or barley contested great for times when you need a quick bail out

Size/versatility- hes 6”7 and can play the 2 and the 3 prefer him at the 2 but either one works for this beast

Slashing- 95 driving layup and 92 draw foul dude can get to the rack also comes with multiple HOF finishing badges including contact finisher and acrobat drew a lot of fouls for me in the game I played with him

Defense- he’s 6”7 so it helps 84 lat I gave him a shoe to go up to 87 it also goes up with the evo his length allows him to hang with anyone really and has good switching ability.


speed- he has 81 speed with 81 acceleration so not the fastest guy but this also goes up with the evolution.

No range extender which honestly isn’t a big issue I thought it would be but it isn’t

No clamps but gets them in the evo

Just a side note badges he gets when you evo him- GOLD clamps,pick pocket, interceptor, pick dodger, trapper, tireless defender, offball pest

Player comp- best comp would be Klay Thompson big guard that can shoot and defend and smooth jumper

Use if- Use if you want a do it all 2 guard who can dominate on offense and do pretty damn good on defense

Don’t use if- don’t use if you need range extender or have an absolute god squad even then might be worth it really no reason not to cop this guy

Bottom line- He’s one of the better cards I’ve used super easy to evo as well ( 800 points 100 threes) ridiculously cheap this guy can be in any lineup imo but for us budget players this guy is a must cop can slot right in on your team and absolutely dominate

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    He's amazing, I got him out of a pack and I can't count how many times I green with him in a match. I would pass to him from PD Stockton and drill shots from anywhere between the logo and the basket :D His release is sugar. Still working on the evo tho


    Yea he’s ridiculous and the evo isn’t bad at all I did like 2 rookie domination games and the rest just came naturally