'97 Robert Parish amethyst card
91 Overall
  • 92 INS
  • 62 OUT
  • 42 PLY
  • 78 ATH
  • 83 DEF
  • 96 REB

Needs More Recognition

Written by donnymost68

The title of this review could apply in a few ways. Parish in real life was always the unsung hero of the '86 Celtics, and his production was, while valued, never given its fair share of attention. Now in 2K20, he remains a low-key player, as 9/10 teams will just run that Sapphire Gheorge Muresan (I love/hate playing against him). That being said, this Robert Parish is a great fit in myteam, and here's why.

Bought for: 30 tokens (I completed regular domination and grinded a bunch of the evo cards in triple threat offline)


  • Inside scoring: Underneath the basket is where Parish thrives. If it's one defender, chance is you can drop it in over the top of them or just dunk it. If it's against a Muresan, go for a pump fake and try to draw a foul (77 FT will suffice). I have been lucky with a few dunks on Muresan, but more often than not you'll get blocked if you try it.
  • Mid Range: Minor strength. If he's wide open (he has a pretty easy release), you can make it. Not his strongest feature though.
  • Post Game: Parish has post game in spades. The hooks, the fades, all of it cash. I wish he created a little more space with his fades, but they're still money if you can get them off without a red contest. He's strong as a mf too, so he can bully his way into the post with little effort.
  • Defense: The paint belongs to Parish. I know his block and shot contest don't seem to be as high as they could be, but rest assured, he's no slouch. Rim attackers are more often than not met with tremendous opposition, and even your fair share of Muresan's are gonna struggle scoring on him. Truth be told, he really feels like he makes your team defense better.
  • Rebounding: Holy fuck his rebounding is juiced at this stage of the game (9/19/19). He rarely lets one go to someone else.


  • Speed: Parish is a slow mf. In the half court setting he's beastly, but running up and down is not for him. Not a giant problem because everyone's out here with Muresan, but if you were to go against a ruby Wilt (I have him as a safety center (like say one of my two centers get injured I have Wilt)), he'll torch you
  • 3PT: Not happening
  • Playmaking: He shouldn't be doing anything with the ball other than backing down, going up with a shot, or kicking it out. You should never dribble with this card for more than a couple seconds.
  • Perimeter Defense: If a PG has a mismatch on him, chances are he'll take advantage. Anything less than a blow-by would be surprising.

Recommended Strategy: This card should not leave the low block. Fades, hooks, lays, dunks should be the majority of your shot selection if not all of it. If you're going to make pick plays, 90% of the time you're gonna roll. Only use the fade if your opponent is cheesing with a 7'7 no skill giant and staying in the paint. He has an easy enough release where you can't just leave him the mid range (close shot is way better if you can get one). Same goes on defense. Don't have him leave the paint or people will drive right in.

Other Comments: See how he fits into my lineup by clicking the following link if you'd like https://2kmtcentral.com/20//lineups/12503/my-2k20-unlimited-team

Use if: You want a dominant presence in the paint on both sides of the floor

Don't use if: You enjoy doing nothing with your big (a la Gheorge Muresan), or prefer a stretch big

Bottom Line: One of the better amethyst token rewards, and definitely one of the best amethyst bigs. An excellent addition to any team, and an even better one if most of your team can shoot (4-out 1-in is a great freelance set to run with him). If you don't know who to buy with your tokens, Robert Parish is a great buy.

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