'12 Tim Duncan pinkdiamond card
97 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 65 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 88 DEF
  • 98 REB

Tim Duncan Best Big Man

Written by MaczMizzy

I'm a big Tim Duncan fan I feel like he's really underrated and it's funny cause he's the best PF of all-time even though 2k has him as a C i seen the other Timmy review and thought it was bull first of all this is one of the best bigs in the game once his price dropped in the auction I picked him up and I've been using him ever since as my starting PF.

Bought for: 121,500 MT


  • Shooting: This may come as a surprise for some but this card is great at shooting he's automatic from mid and if open at 3 even at 80 3 point rating he'll hit even when it's not green his form isn't slow and its easy to green trust

  • Defense: This card is a beast defender I've locked down Yao, Bosh, Wilt you name it Timmy is tough to score on even though he doesn't have clamps he stays in front and when against stretch bigs he's decent on the perimeter and can close out

  • Rebounding: Offensive or defensively this card gets boards man he's taller than most PF's and big enough to battle with bigger Center's

  • Free Throws: 88 Free throws and easy to green automatic 2 when going to the line with Duncan


  • Inside Scoring: Honestly I just think its a 2k issue in general but post scoring is horrible this year Timmy has great inside scoring stats but doesn't really seem like it I hit a post hook/fade here and there but biggest issue for me is going up after an offensive rebound but good post moves with the spins and dropstep

Recommended Strategy: Catch and shoot, mid range, post moves, stretch big, rim protector

Other Comments: Overall this is one of my favorite players to use in the game you can't go wrong with Timmy trust he does everything well.

Use if: You want an all rounded big man who can play in and out and also defend and do everything well

Don't use if: You don't need him or don't have the MT

Bottom Line: If you use Wilt or Walton fuck em get Timmy his price has dropped so you can pick him up for at least less than 150,000 MT imo he's the best big in the game perfect height to play either the PF or C if you don't start him he'd be a great backup big man to have

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    Yeah. Tim Duncan is a beast and is arguably the greatest PF in NBA history. I don't know why but I feel like 2k always gives this man crap cards.


    this PD is really good man like i read reviews people said form slow but i hit mid range all the time and i hit more 3's with him then KAT, AD, and Embiid who all have higher 3 point ratings then him and he rebounds and defends well his amy is crap though lol but i hope when he gets an OPAL it's beast


    Question which Opal would you want first:
    A Kobe Opal or a TD Opal.


    I feel a kobe Opal should come first but if Kobe didn't pass away i'd say Timmy for sure to me in 2k a lot of people just like to cheese 3's and ish they don't know how to use post players i use that to my advantage so i like the Timmy's and embiids you know but both guys will get Opal's i had both them Opal last year loved them


    Agreed.That's why I LOVE my diamond Z-Bo. While I can cheese the threes with him, I much rather prefer to grind it out down low with him.


    ya z-bo is alright i got him from a locker code but i got karl malone and imo he's pretty much a better offensive draymond green and i got cousins and siakim i start gasol and TD as my bigs