Lance Stephenson amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 92 PLY
  • 89 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 87 REB

Lance a make em Dance

Written by CuJoRo

i’ll just started this one off by saying range extender, floor general, HOF CLAMPS!! that budget ballers were blessed with this one. he’s arguably the best amythest two-way playmaking guard. his release is quick and easy to get a feel for, seems to be one of those players who hits tons of shots even without the green light. his speed in both transition and the halfcourt feel lightning fast. his dribble moves, animations, badges are all on point. defense way above average for an amythest, i’ve been able to play him at the two against diamonds and pink diamonds and he’s held his own. it was no fluke!

Bought for: 5,000 MT during market crash. may rise to around 15-20k during regular periods.


i’ll keep it simple- he’s an all-around player. not one thing on the floor he can’t do.

his speed pops out right away though, feels even faster than his already high listed rating.

for users who know dribble controls , he will instantly shine for you, especially with space in the pick and roll.

-RANGE EXTENDER!! his snatch-back move is deadly as they come too. GREEN BEAN.


  • i have very few complaints about this card. you could throw his height out there as the main one, he is equipped to handle at least other guards in the post but you’ll need good user timing to contest post fades.

-probably runs better at the 2 than the 3. but when switches occur on either offense or defense, he can hold his own.

Recommended Strategy: pick and roll ball handler is where i feel he shines the most. he has badges dimer and floor general for when you need to kick it out or hitting the screener. but usually always great results with attacking the rim in the pick and roll

Use if: you want a two way playmaker with great shooting ability and speed but at a good price. prett much lockdown defender against any guard up to pink diamonds. (i’ve been stopping PD prime Wade with this card.)

Don't use if: i would say this card could fit almost any lineup. i wouldn’t ever tell someone he isn’t worth getting. especially at his very low price. avoid using at small forward if possible just due to size.

Bottom Line: great all-around card, my favorite amythest of the year so far. can play up against diamonds and some pink diamonds, i would highly recommend this card for anyone looking for a cheap pickup with incredible skill. which is pretty much anyone.

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