'14 J.R. Smith diamond card
93 Overall
  • 81 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 81 PLY
  • 84 ATH
  • 79 DEF
  • 42 REB

Green Machine

Written by Externel


I was open, coach.

The marks are awarded, and valid at the time of the release of the review, if you look at it in 4 months it is possible that the mark is no longer appropriate. Because as time goes by, more and better cards come along.

Every year it's the same thing i say to myself "No, don't buy it, it's at home" but i always end up buying it, J.R. Smith's first "big" card. I love it. I love it. Simply one of the best cards in the current meta (my opinion).

Bought for: ~ 170,000 MT (Complete collection) (PC)


  • 3pts and Timing : Monstrous, as every year it is a monster in this field. This art of shooting at long distances, in motion is exceptional with Curry i think it is one of the elite in this category. (Proportional to the level of play at the exit time of the review) Personally i see it superior to Curry because of its timing which is simply perfect for me (with of Klay), it is a green machine with 3 pts. You're on with the bombs dropped from the PARKING. You can use it in several very effective situations: After a screen, it works very well, if you have good timing it often comes in. With a system for a 3pts (QUICK), according to the system of course but i use a lot of "QUICK HAWKS" it's perfect. First of all, you make a discount with your PG who climbs the field very often the opponent will not have put his defender on J.R. if he has not made any change, there it is lethal: An open shot. Create your own shot, with J.R you can create your 3 pts shot without any worries, i use and abuse his step back, it is very good. When J.R. is hot, my god.


  • Mid-Range : Very good point also, the requirements are the same as at 3 PTS but at mid-range, step-back, shoot in "motion" (???), still as much green


  • Dunk : But up to where this man can climb, height, beauty of the dunk, animation, contact, i can confirm to you that he is good in this field, nevertheless there is a problem... (See below)



  • Puntch : ... J.R is missing a lot of puntch. Not that it's slow but i really have a feeling of heaviness which prevents me from having it to its full potential. We know it when we try to pass an opponent, J.R. doesn't push fast enough yet his score is very good but it doesn't seem enough. Of course this is balanced if you are a good dribbler to compensate for the lack of puntch.

Wakanda Forever

Recommended Strategy: Screen -> Shoot, shoot in first attention (transition) et creation of shots.

Use if: A shooter who can both play cash and shoot and create his own shot.

Don't use if: A fast guy, who has puntch and can manage the game.

Bottom Line: If you're looking for a shooter, go for it. He is balanced, he has everything you need for a back shot, finishing, ball handling, a little defense. However, if you want someone who has a very good acceleration, this is not the ideal card. Complicated to find a lot of defects, but the puntch is a real handicap i find, compared to the 91 version of last year i do not have the same sensations when i want to attack the circle, therefore i put less dunk since there is less opportunity. 4 stars seems to me to be a fair rating, at the limit of 3.5.

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