Avery Bradley pinkdiamond card
97 Overall
  • 78 INS
  • 92 OUT
  • 84 PLY
  • 92 ATH
  • 92 DEF
  • 43 REB


Written by Slevin424

I mean... 20k for a PD is not bad, at all. Had this come out last month I'd say this is beastly but I got Walt Frazier and PD CP3. Oh and don't forget Chauncey cause he's better than this card. This just feels lackluster considering the end game level cards we have out. Westbrook, Rose Payton and Magic. Oh I guess LeBron, Simmons and Giannis too cause 2K is greedy and evil since they decided to use their position lock to make certain cards even MORE valuable since you need those specific cards to guard them. Anyways, there's just way better options out there. Let's just focus on Walt since they're similar. We could compare him to Payton but he's going for a ton of MT for some reason so we're comparing the budget cards.

Bought for: 20,000 MT dirt cheap


  • Defense: Is obviously his strongest aspect. Avery has a lot of HOF defensive badges, more than Walt for sure. Stat wise They're roughly the same but Walt has a 70 block rating to Avery's 50. Walt also has 80 interior defense and Avery's got 60. So Avery is a monster on perimeter D and that's very valuable but Walt is almost as good plus pretty good inside D while Avery wasn't terrible at guarding a Westbrook or Rose but Walt definitely did that job better especially since he's 6'4 with 75 strength. Avery is 6'3 with just 50 strength. Meaning he can get pushed around by the taller/stronger slashers.

  • Shooting: This is where Avery actually outshines Walt. His shooting is pretty good. He's got a 93 3pt rating with 7 HOFs. Which is okay but shooting is his best weapon on offense and he doesn't exactly have a ton of badges for it. He does however have a really nice release, I want to say it's Arenas's release... I might be wrong but it's a nice one. However greening with him was a bit of a challenge for me, I don't know why but maybe it's the lack of badges or the 93 rating but took some serious focus to see the window. He was hitting full whites pretty well though. I mean if you're looking for perimeter D and shooting look no further than CP3. Only 6 HOFs but a 98 3pt rating with elite defense. Or Pistol Pete, while he might not be the greatest defender he's a knock down shooter going for cheap on the auction house. Walt is okay at shooting he can hit open 3pt shots with his 90 3pt rating but he really lacks badges so I don't shoot a ton wit him. My point is there are better options for this job.


  • Inside: 6 HOFs 90 driving layup, only 75 driving dunk and 88 vertical. He's not terrible at going for layups or teardrops but not a slasher by any means. CP3 got 10 HOFs 97 driving layup and same dunk rating. Walt on the other hand only has 6 HOFs as well but he's great at slashing to the rim. 98 driving layup with 85 driving dunk with 92 vertical and crazy good animations. Again Avery isn't bad, but he just isn't as fast at slashing or getting blow bys. He also has a really bad draw foul at 80. 80 is pretty damn low at this stage.

  • Playmaking: While at SG his playmaking might seem kinda nice. Like he's a combo guard right? He's 6'3 he's not going to be a SG on anyone's lineup. You'd be crazy to try that. He's going to be playing PG in a lot of lineups and at that position it's mediocre. 86 ball handle, 88 accuracy and 75 vision. With gold Dimer, floor general, needle threader and lob city. He does have HOF quick first step but they gave that to Webber... who plays Center so that's not a big deal anymore. And HOF downhill so he's good at fast breaks. His dribble animations are okay, but you're not picking up Avery to be your dribble god though. He can be an okay pass first PG but CP3 and Walt are all in the high 90's with HOF floor general and dimer and so much more. The passing stats from 86 to 98 really don't make much a of a difference. But it's the badges. HOF floor general boost stats and show shot percentages. While HOF dimer boost those shot percentages. I also mentioned speed. 92 with ball is a little slow... we're in end game fellas. CP3 is a 98 w/ ball and Walt is 97. They're insanely fast. Then there's Westbrook and Rose who are some of the fastest cards in the game. They'd run circles around Avery. And that's not even mentioning the opals out there.

Recommended Strategy: 3pt plays. ISO might work against bad defenders but you want to use his catch n shoot mainly. You can put him on smaller PGs who like to shoot and he'll shut them down at the 3pt line. But really the options here are limited.

Use if: You'd like a 20k PD to be your budget PG. But be warned you get what you pay for.

Don't use if: You literally have almost any other PD PG that has been released within the last month (unless it's a series 2.0 current cause those suck). Or you find a Walt Frazier out there cause he's still cheap I think. I have no idea why, cause Walt is amazing.

Bottom Line: Still 20k for a PD is not bad. I think this will be a fine choice for budget lineups but like I said there are better cards out there. And some might still fit your budget. The thing with this card though it's painfully average. He's Averagery Bradly. Shooting is average, his inside game is average, his playmaking is average, his speed is average. His defense is great but that's really the only wow factor about this. CP3 entertains me every time he throws lobs, or dunks cause I'm not used to seeing that, and he's a dribble god who can break off defenders and green shots all day. Walt's two hand side clutch tomahawk whatever that thing is called dunk looks so pretty every time I see it, he blocks other PGs and smothers guys you wouldn't think he'd be able to smother. Bradly is just... he's Bradly. He's ight.

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    If i use him as a 3 and D point guard, because I have GO Brandon Roy, GO James Worthy and Spotlight Giannis who I will mostly have being the ball handler, would he be good? It seems like thats where he will excel. I've noticed that my PG has really been delegated to spot up shooting and defense, so would he be the best at that?


    If you're running some plays for him once in a while and just use him as 3 and D PG to pop shots off when he's open yeah he'd be fine.


    I still don't understand why 2k gave us a 97 Avery Bradley.


    I assume it's because he hit that big buzzer beater during Game 3 Celtics vs Cavs. Why a 97 though I have no idea.